Virtual Reality

I hope everyone enjoyed their week off for Thanksgiving. I spent some time in Hiawassee with my fiancee’s family, and ate way too much food!

We had an awesome week at school! On Monday, we had speech with Ms. Wilson. Then we made hot chocolate and ate donuts to celebrate our November birthdays- Ms. Weiss and Maple!

We read a story about the most popular holiday gifts this year. Virtual reality was at the top of the list. Each students had a chance to experience virtual reality using Google Cardboard. If you are not familiar with virtual reality, you should check it out! Google Cardboard is $10 at Best Buy, and you simply put a smartphone inside and download an app. Then you really feel like you are in another place! We rode roller coasters, swam with sharks, and hiked on Mt. Everest (to name a few)!

On Tuesday, we welcomed Todd to our class! We are so excited that he is joining us.


As usual, we went to jobsite (some at City Hall and some doing teacher shopping). Everyone did a great job!

We enjoyed learning about classical music with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Carly during music, and we started a cool new art project about bears with Ms. Lori today!

We created our December calendar. Everyone has a copy in their binder, but you can also view it here.

We went to North Point Mall for our community trip today. We got to see a lot of our old friends from Centennial, so that was fun!

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Ms. Coleman


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