The Holidays are Coming!

We started the week with an awesome speech lesson with Ms. Wilson. We talked about whole body language, and we described our favorite animals.

News-2-You was about the Grinch TV special. It is turning 50 years old this year! We learned about Dr. Seuss, and we discussed some of the different winter holidays. To celebrate the Grinch, we made sugar cookies! We decorated them with green sugar and frosting. Delicious!

We practiced doing some math problems with Mr. Jay because Ms. Weiss was at Jury Duty.

We had jobsite this week. Some students worked at JC Java & Teacher Shopping, and other students worked at Johns Creek City Hall.

Music was fun this week. We learned about winter music. We sang a song about healthy eating and food groups. We got to play the jingle bells.

We did a quick lesson about accepting compliments- remembering to say “Thank You!” is so important.


We continued working on our bear project in art. We made snow globe settings for the polar bear. They look great!

We went to Target, and Todd and Ted bought gifts for their families! Everyone else helped buy ingredients for our cooking lesson on Monday. We are making spaghetti! We also bought some materials for a cool science lesson. Stay tuned. After Target, we walked to Zaxby’s for lunch. Yum!

Special thanks to Todd for helping me write this blog post! 🙂


Stay warm this weekend!

Ms. Coleman


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