Safer Internet Day

We started the week with speech. We talked about using our cell phones. We practiced calling each other, and we talked about cell phone manners like asking our conversation partner if they mind before we answer our phone.

We continued talking about technology as we moved into our N2Y lesson. We read about internet safety. Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday, February 7th. We learned about rules for staying safe on the internet. These are some of the rules that we came up with:


We reviewed our N2Y story with a friendly game of The Weakest Link. Todd won $2,360,500 (if only that was real money!)!

In cooking we made Safety Salad. Many of our students were nervous about trying something healthy, but I was so proud of everyone for taking at least one bite. Most of them were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it!

We had another great week at jobsite, and we continued working on our songs for JCHS Idol during music. We finished our Disco Penguin project in art today, and we started a new project painting roses.

Today we went to Jason’s Deli. Everyone did a great job ordering their food and paying independently. We also stopped to look around Five and Below.

Olivia was so excited to get her new senior shirt!


Don’t forget the next 2 weeks are short weeks. There is no school on Friday, February 17th & Monday, February, 20th.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Coleman


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