Exceptional Children’s Week

What an exciting week! We planned some great events to spread awareness about disabilities, and the JCHS students and staff were so supportive.

Olivia and Todd were both interviewed on the school news, and they both did a fantastic job! You can see watch it here! (Go to JCNN, choose the current season, and scroll to the bottom for the most current episodes.) On Monday, students were able to experience what it is like to have a few types of disabilities through our simulations. After jobsite on Tuesday, our music therapists helped our students put on an amazing JCHS Idol show! We also had a guest speaker come to talk about his life with a physical disability. We went to Centennial on Wednesday morning for their 4th annual “March Madness” unified basketball tournament. While JCHS did not bring home the trophy, we had a blast seeing so many old friends and teachers! Congratulations to Cambridge for beating Centennial with an incredible basket as the final buzzer went off! When we got back to school, we had a wheelchair sports team come show off their talents in a handball game. They brought some extra wheelchairs, and many students volunteered to participate in the game. Finally, we had a table set up during lunches for students to come and sign our banner to “Spread the Word to End the Word.” We were overwhelmed by the amount of support from the students and staff at JCHS to eliminate the R-Word (www.r-word.org). What a successful week!

Don’t forget to stay up to date throughout the week by following me on Twitter and Instagram @MsColemanJCHS!

I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend! Spring Break will be here before we know it!

Ms. Coleman

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