Hurricane Irma

We hope everyone was safe during the storm this week. Since we only had two days of work, the interns wrote about what they did during the unexpected time off (and took some pretty sweet selfies).

“Saturday I went to a birthday party at Riverside park with my aunt. Sunday I went to the movies to see “IT” with my aunt, cousin, and brother. Monday we went shopping for food and water at Publix. Tuesday I watched TV all day. Me, my brother, and grandma took a walk to Kroger. I had a nice two day week!” –Jazmin

“Saturday I had a baseball game and I hit four home runs.Sunday I had a soccer game and I made three goals.Monday I slept in.Tuesday I went next door because the power was out at my house. I watched Captain America Civil War and Mickey’s House of Villains on Netflix with my little brother. Wednesday night I went to see “IT 2017” with my cousin Ryan. I was traumatized and it was a little messed up! My power finally came back on yesterday. I was sad that I didn’t have work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.” -Moe

“My long weekend was pretty good but the power went off and my basement got flooded but it’s all good. On Monday I hung out at my house and played on my phone. Tuesday me and my brother Connor went to see my grandfather for a few minutes just to say hi. On Wednesday I had a doctors appointment and I got dinner at this Mexican place called Willies. Also since my basement got flooded I lost a few things like my couch, my pool table, a tiny refrigerator and stuff in my storage room. I had a great three days off work and I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend.” -Bailey

Have a great weekend!

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