5 Day Weekend!

This week has flown by! The interns are lucky that they have a 5 day weekend (teachers will be working tomorrow and Friday). We are excited to start a new monthly unit in Unique Learning. We will be  learning all about our community this month, and the interns completed their pre-tests on Monday and Tuesday. We were thrilled to see our photo on display throughout the Cox campus this week! It is part of the digital signage to help spread awareness about the L.I.F.E. Program. We will also be putting postcards in every break room next week. We’re famous!

I asked the interns to write about their plans for the long weekend- sounds like they will all be busy!

“Thursday I’m going to play videos games and watch TV. Friday I’m going play with my baby brother and go outside to the park and play ball with him. Saturday I’m thinking about going to the movies to see “IT” again with my dad. I was sick Monday, so I had a short week. I did Tammy’s mail by myself and I did inventory to see if people were still in the same desk. I took a selfie while I was working.” –Jazmin

 2017-10-04 14.09.17

“This week I was dusting the chairs, rotating the peanut butter, honey, jellies, cleaning the tables and the booths. I like cleaning the booths because it’s fun. I got a new belt on Sunday. It is easier because it is like a seatbelt! It has Harley Quinn on it. She’s my favorite character from Batman. Thursday I might go see a movie and the movie is called Captain Underpants. I’m going to see Captain Underpants at Picture Show Movie Theater. Friday I’m going to make a plan about going to Fright Fest. Saturday I have a baseball game and I might watch Saturday Night Live. Sunday I have a soccer game. Monday I’m going to watch Supergirl on TV.” -Moe


“My short week at work was fun. On Monday I did inventory perfectly and yesterday was a fun day and today I did inventory pretty well. For my 5 day weekend I have some awesome plans. On Thursday I’m watching the MLB playoffs on the TV at my house and I’m just hanging out and playing outside. On Friday I don’t have many plans. I’m just hanging out at my house. On Saturday I have a baseball game and I’m watching lots of college football. Sunday I’m going out to lunch with my brother. Me and my brother will watch NFL and throw the football. Monday I’m just hanging out and watching TV so that’s my 5 day weekend plans.” -Love Bailey and Roll Tide. 

Have a great long weekend, and we will be back to work on Tuesday!

One thought on “5 Day Weekend!

  1. Awesome. So glad to have you guys working here at Cox. Come visit me in CTECH A on the 6th floor sometime and I will show you everyone in Billing Opereations.

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