Friday the 13th

We’ve made it through Friday the 13th without any bad luck (knock on wood)! The interns were well rested and ready to get back to work on Tuesday after having a five day weekend. We started a new unit about navigating the community independently. We read about a young man who had to run errands. He had to use public transportation and ask for help in the community.

We put postcards explaining the L.I.F.E. Program in the break rooms around the Cox campus. We have already received some positive feedback!

Here is what the interns had to say about this week:

“My short work week was great. I was very polite this week. I did a great job holding the door for some people. I have a fun weekend planned. Tonight I’m going to my brothers football game. Then on Saturday I have a baseball game and I’m watching lots of college football. Then on Sunday I’m going out to lunch with my brother and just hanging out. I hope we go to Jasons Deli. It was a fun week for me.” -Love Bailey and Roll Tide 

 “This week I rotated the peanut butter, jellies, ketchup, hot sauce, mayonnaise and yellow mustard. I cleaned the tables and the booths. I like cleaning the booths because it’s fun. This weekend I’m going to Fright Fest with my mom, my sister, and my little brother. I’m going to ride Justice League Battle for Metropolis 4D. I’m going to a Scare Zone. There will be scary clowns scaring you with chainsaws. I’m excited! Sunday I have a soccer game.” –Moe

 “I restocked the paper on the floors I work on. I had a lot of outgoing mail on my floors. I was very busy this week. I scanned the mail. I gave Terry Halloween mail. She was so excited that she got her Halloween Mail. I’m going to catch up on sleep this weekend.” -Jazmin

Have a great weekend!

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