Spreading the Word about L.I.F.E.

We kicked off the week with a great speech lesson with Cece. We talked about our favorite vacation destinations, Halloween, and our favorite rides at Six Flags. Having speech this week was perfect since the theme of our afternoon meetings was all about communication with coworkers!

2017-10-16 14.15.40

Save the date! We will be traveling to Centennial Olympic Park on Monday, November 13th for a Meet & Greet with all of the other L.I.F.E. and Project Search interns. We will ride MARTA and have lunch at the CNN Center. We’re looking forward to it!

We finished distributing our L.I.F.E. @ Cox postcards to the rest of the Cox campus this week. We have already gotten some great feedback, and even got an invite to a Halloween get together!

2017-10-18 14.45.09

Take a look at what the interns had to say about their week:

 “ My week was great. I didn’t do anything new but I did a great job saying excuse me to some people in the main cafeteria. I have a great weekend planned. Tonight I’m going to my brother Connor’s Riverwood football game. Tomorrow I have a baseball game and I’m watching the big Alabama vs. Tennessee game with my brother Connor and my mom. Sunday I’m just hanging out and playing outside in the fresh air. It was a great week.” Love Bailey and Roll Tide 

“This past week was good. We did not have a lot of mail at C tech. On Wednesday the elevator was stuck. Hopefully when I get back to C tech it will be fixed again. I been taking the stairs when I get mail. I used a list to check if people have moved locations. This is important because we need to make sure people get their mail. I’m going to rest this weekend because I don’t feel well.” -Jazmin

“This week I got the cart for the potato bar and I set up the potato bar by putting the sour cream, green onion, butter, cheese and the bacon on the potato bar. I had salman, yellow rice and French fries for lunch with vanilla Coke to drink. I cleaned the tables and the booths after lunch. I also restocked the straws. I might go see The Snowman with my dad on Saturday or Sunday. It looks scary!” -Moe

We enjoyed the perfect weather today by writing this blog post in the garden!

Have a great weekend!

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