Coworker Spotlight!

This week, I asked the interns to tell me about one of their coworkers. It was neat to see how excited Bailey, Jazmin, and Moe were to spotlight one of their colleagues. I think this will become a trend on the blog because it was so hard for them to choose just one person! We are so grateful for all of the wonderful people who work with our interns and teach them the important vocational skills that they will carry with them into their future. Take a look at our first Coworker Spotlight!

“On Monday I was sick. My throat was hurting me and my head too. When I was on the 17th, 18th, and 19th floors the EA’s noticed me and showed me that they had our L.I.F.E. picture on their desk. They said they are happy I’m here at Cox. Denita has been great at helping me throw out junk mail. She tells me that I do a good job and she lets me work on my own. She is very nice because she talks to me a lot and always says good morning and hugs me when I leave. Denita is my favorite because we both love the Falcons.” -Jazmin


“My favorite co worker at Cox is Karen because she helps me with rotating the condiments. She also helps me set up the potato bar with ice, cheese, bacon, green onion, sour cream, butter and the time stickers. Karen is nice because she taught me how to do arm bumps. We do arm bumps to say good morning and when she tells me good job. Karen also helps me talk to people. Tonight I’m going to watch Walker Texas Ranger. Saturday I might have one more baseball game. Sunday I have a soccer game. I also might watch some Geico and Cheez-It commercials on YouTube because they are funny.” -Moe


“My favorite coworker is Norris. Norris makes all the burgers and all the hot dogs and Norris is a huge Alabama fan like me. Norris has a different job than me but we just say Roll Tide and joke around with my supervisor Rick because Rick doesn’t like Alabama. Norris is funny and I like hanging out with him. My work week was great. I actually did something new and that is stocking the coolers after my lunch break. Yesterday when I was wiping the tables this really nice lady came up to me and she told me that she got one of those photos of me, Jazmin, and Moe. Also the really nice lady told me that she is so so happy that me, Jazmin, and Moe are here. I have a fun weekend planned. Tonight I’m watching the big Atlanta Hawks vs Denver Nuggets basketball game on my TV. Saturday I’m just hanging out and watching college football and then on Sunday I’m just hanging out and ordering pizza for lunch. It was a fun week at work and I can’t wait for next week.” Love Bailey and Roll Tide.

2017-10-27 09.05.30

This week, we did a mini lesson about cutting our food. With so many food choices available in the cafeteria at Cox, we noticed that this was something that may need a little more practice. Each intern grabbed a banana, and we worked on the mechanics of cutting.

We also filled out some mock job applications, and we will be doing some mock interviews in the coming weeks!

Finally, here are a few photos of the interns hard at work!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @lifeatcox! Have a great weekend, and GO DAWGS!

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