Happy Halloween!

2017-11-03 14.39.26-1

How is it already November?! Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving break- it will be here before we know it.

We celebrated Halloween with the Sourcing and Supply Chain teams, who were so kind to invite us to their party! We were warmly welcomed with goody bags and Supply Chain shirts. We enjoyed delicious snacks and treats, and we had fun watching some of their (brave) employees attempt the “One Chip Challenge!”

We completed our October unit in Unique Learning, and the interns took their pre-test for November. We will be learning all about feelings and emotions this month. We also got to practice writing thank you notes, and we worked together to write a nice note to the Supply Chain team.

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Here is what the interns had to say about their week:

“My favorite part of this week was scanning the mail. I got to type the names on the computer. I collected all of the mail in the A and B building. I had fun at the Halloween party talking to the Employees and getting to know them, and I liked the chip challenge. This Saturday I’m going watch The Vampire Diary. Sunday I’m going to my aunt’s baby shower.” -Jazmin

“My work week was actually great because I was helping Rick stock the coolers after my lunch break. I had fun at the Halloween party. The juice was good and I liked the candy corn. The chip challenge was funny but I don’t want to try it! I have an exciting weekend planned. Tonight me, my brother, my dad and his new wife are going to Birmingham Alabama to spend the night at my grandmothers house. Saturday I’m going to hang out at my grandmothers house just for the morning and for lunch. Saturday night I’m going to the big LSU vs Alabama football game. Sunday I’m heading home and that’s my exciting weekend plans.” Love Bailey and Roll Tide! 

“This week I changed the flyers, rotated the condiments, set up the potato bar, cleaned. the tables and the booths. We went to a Halloween Party on Halloween. We enjoyed the food, drinks and the hot chips contest. Saturday I’m going to watch Hulk Vs. Thor. Sunday I have another Soccer game then I’m going to watch Spider-Man 1994 TV Show on YouTube.” -Moe

Have a great weekend- Go Dawgs!!

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