Veterans Day

Today we observed Veterans Day at a flag ceremony on campus. Thank you to all of the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our country!

We have been discussing feelings and emotions this week, and we talked about how quickly feelings can change. For example, you may feel stressed and worried when you oversleep in the morning. Then you might feel angry when someone else is in the bathroom when you need to get ready for work. When you get to work and apologize to your boss for being late, you might be relieved when he isn’t upset. We discussed strategies for dealing with so many changing emotions as well.

On Wednesday, the interns had a great time showing off their jobs to one of the assistant principals from Riverwood, Ms. Stanetress Evans. They were so proud to show off their work and introduce her to their coworkers.

Here is what the interns said about their week:

“This week I restocked the snacks and cookies, rotated the condiments, set the potato bar, cleaned tables and the booths, and did the salt and pepper. I also met Ms. Evans and told her about my jobs. We read about mixed up feelings. Saturday I’m going to watch Spider-Man: The Venom Saga with my mom and The Purge with my dad.  Sunday I have a soccer game.” –Moe

“My work week was awesome. I met Ms Evans the Riverwood assistant principal who was so nice. I really enjoyed talking to Ms Evans and talking to her about my jobs. I also read a interesting story on my tablet. It was called Mixed up Feelings and it was a awesome story. I don’t have any big weekend plans. I’m just shooting hoops and watching college football.” -Love Bailey and Roll Tide 

2017-11-08 18.22.37

“My favorite part of the week was eating with my coworkers. I had fun putting copy papers on my floors on Wednesday. I had a great time joking with Kareem and Anita on Thursday. I’m happy I met Ms. Evans. She was nice. I hope she comes back to Cox to see us again. This weekend I’m going to work out and watch Scary movies all night long.” -Jazmin 

Have a great weekend- Go Dawgs!

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