Coworker Spotlight!

It’s time for another Coworker Spotlight! Thank you to all of the amazing people who support our interns. Keep reading to see who each intern chose to spotlight this week!

“My spotlight this week is Rick. Rick is a funny guy and he cares about me when I stutter. Rick helps me a lot with stocking and he also helps me when I stutter. Me and Rick also work well together every day. It’s a lot of fun and me and Rick talk about the holiday season. I have really enjoyed working with Rick this semester because he is funny, kind and awesome. Rick also showed me where the first aid kit was and the eggs to stock which was fun.” Love Bailey 

 2017-11-30 10.27.19

“Me and Anita have the same favorite colors – purple and black. Anita helps me sometimes with the mail if I don’t know the employee name. When I walk in the mailroom in the morning she says good morning Jazzy. She smiles at me and she talks to me. Me and Anita love dogs and kids.” -Jazmin

 2017-11-30 13.49.51

“I like Kim because she’s nice and kind. We say good morning with an arm bump. She helped me learn how to clean tables. I like Kim because she is funny.” -Moe

2017-11-30 10.35.31

Everyone jumped right back into the routine after a nice Thanksgiving break! We were thrilled to be able to help the Supply Chain team decorate their floor for the holidays on Thursday, and we loved joining them for a holiday get together today! They spoiled us with more new shirts!

I (Traci) have a new last name, so don’t get confused when you see “Davis” instead of “Coleman” now! I got married on 11/17 and enjoyed honeymooning in the warm weather of Mexico during the break.

I hope everyone has a great weekend- GO DAWGS!

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