Let it Snow!

We skipped our weekly blog post last week due to the unexpected early release day on Friday because of the snowy weather! Bailey was the only intern at work on Friday, so he enjoyed doing a snow dance when he learned his day was being cut short.

It is hard to believe that our first semester at Cox is almost over! We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support we have received to get this program off to such a great start. As a reminder, we follow the same schedule as FCS, so next week (M-Th) will be early release days. The interns will be leaving at 12:00 pm each day.

We had an exciting day on Wednesday! WSB-TV came out to do a story about L.I.F.E. @ Cox. The segment will air January 7th at 12:30 pm. I will also share a link to the story after it airs!

The Supply Chain team continues to spoil us and include us in all of their holiday festivities!

Take a look at what the interns had to say about their week (and the snow!):

“It was snowing outside and my cousin Tiffany came to visit Friday. I was happy to see her. Me, my little brother and my cousin Tiffany watched Superman vs The Elite on the Xbox 360. Saturday I watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths on the Blu-ray player with my little brother and my cousin Tiffany. Then the power went out so we had to go out for Lunch at Tacos Balo’s. Sunday I didn’t have my last soccer game because it was cancelled. Monday I went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you and I ate Chicken Fried Rice for dinner. We decorated the gingerbread house with the Supply Chain team. I ate crab cake sliders at CTech dining center. They were good. WSB came to film me at the potato bar. I had the microphone hooked to my shirt. I’m famous! I learned how to lick envelopes to close them. Then I delivered them to my coworkers.” -Moe

“Over the weekend was awesome. On Friday it snowed and I went home early because the snow was coming down hard. When I got home on Friday I played in the snow and I decorated my Christmas tree. On Saturday the power went out because there was some ice on the power line. When the power was out on Saturday until about 2:30pm I just hung out and drank a big bowl of hot coco until the power came on in the late afternoon. Saturday night me and Connor had a big pizza party because my mom went to this concert. Sunday me and Connor just hung out and watched some football and went to Jason’s Deli for lunch. Monday I slept in because there was no work. I played basketball in my drive way. Wednesday was a very exciting day because the WSB TV people came to Cox to film me and Jazmin and Moe at our jobs. I did an interview on camera which was really fun and I really enjoyed doing the interview. I delivered some Christmas cards to all of my bosses which was awesome. This weekend I have a fun weekend planned. On Saturday me and my brother are going to get our haircuts, eat lunch at Zaxbys and going Christmas shopping. Then on Sunday me and my brother are just hanging out, playing basketball and watching NFL.” Love Bailey and Roll Tide!!

“Last Friday I stayed home with my family because I did not have a ride to work and it was snowing. Saturday I watched the New “It” on my TV. Monday I just hung out with my baby cousin because there was no school that day. Tuesday we had a lot of UPS Ground and FedEx Mail for the gingerbread house party. I had fun decorating the gingerbread house with the Supply Chain team. Wednesday the WSB news came to see us. She interviewed me in the mail room. I was not nervous at all. I showed her how I deliver mail. I can’t wait to watch it. I also went to a Christmas party with my coworkers and ate a salad and baked chicken. It was good. This Friday is my last day with Denita’s mailroom. I’m going to miss all of my coworkers.” -Jazmin

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