1st Semester Reflections

Wow! Our first semester at Cox really flew by! We have been overwhelmed by all of the support we have received throughout the semester. Our interns have learned so much, and they will continue to thrive in their new rotations in January.

I asked the interns to reflect on the semester, and I received some pretty great responses.

“I learned how to do my own mail and throw out junk mail. I love working at Cox because people are so nice and sweet. I want to work on talking to people and not being too shy to talk to them. Today I’m going food shopping with my grandma and my aunt. Friday I’m just going sleep late and play video games. I have a birthday coming up and I’m just going go to Red Lobster and hanging out with my family.” -Jazmin

 2017-12-21 11.12.38

“I have learned how to set the alarms on my phone, dust chairs, rotate the condiments, set up the potato bar, clean tables and the booths. I would like to work on speaking up. For my Christmas break I’m going to San Antonio, Texas to vist my grandma and grandpa for Christmas.” -Moe

“My semester was fantastic. I learned a lot this semester. I learned how to do inventory perfectly and I learned how to communicate with all of my coworkers. We talk about college football and have a good time in the kitchen. It was a fun semester for me. I have also woke myself up in the morning and I’m very proud of myself for doing that. Also I need to work on taking my time and not rushing through things really fast. When my winter break kicks off tomorrow I’m going to sleep in really late and I’m going to go get a milkshake tomorrow afternoon with my brother and one of my Mom’s friends husband. For Christmas I’m just hanging out and having a good time with my aunt and my grandmother who will be coming to Atlanta this weekend. For New Years I’m tailgating and watching the big Alabama vs Clemson playoff game in my basement with my brother. It’s been a fun semester and I appreciate all of my coworkers because they make me laugh and they make me smile.” Love Bailey and Roll Tide! 

Happy Holidays! See you in 2018!

2017-12-21 12.08.16

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