Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The interns kicked off 2018 in new job rotations, and they are off to a great start! Moe is working in the main dining center, Bailey is working in the mail rooms, and Jazmin is working in the CTech dining center.

2018-01-09 10.43.58

In case you missed it, L.I.F.E. @ Cox was featured on WSB-TV! Click here to view the clip!

I asked the interns to tell me about their Winter Break as well as their new jobs. Here is what they had to say:

“I went to Texas with my family for Christmas and we visited my grandma, grandpa and cousins at my grandma and grandpa’s house. For Christmas my cousin’s gave me a Khol’s gift card. One day we went to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It was funny! Friday my family and I went to get lunch from Popeye’s to take lunch to go. We also went to KFC to get my sister some small fries to go. Then we went to visit my other grandpa at his house. I ate Popeye’s three piece chicken and some fries with honey and sweet tea to drink. I shopped at his little store and I bought two Rollup candies and a can of Coke. At Cox, my new job is in the main dining center. I learned how to restock the drinks, yogurt, cups, lids and to go boxes. I like my new job! For lunch I had two chicken tacos with beans, rice, lettuce and cheese with vanilla Coke to drink.” –Moe

“Over the break I played my Xbox in my room all day long. I went to the store to buy my baby brother a Christmas gift. I got him some toy trucks. On New Years I hung out with my baby cousin. I also celebrated my 20th birthday with my grandma. We went to IHOP to eat breakfast. I ate hash browns, eggs, and birthday pancakes. I work at CTech in the Dinning Center with Karen. This week was my first time doing the potato bar and putting the time stickers on it. I had fun cleaning the benches with Karen yesterday. I was shy to meet new coworkers. I restocked the hot sauce and mayonnaise. I also wiped down tables in CTech. I love my new job!” –Jazmin

“My winter break was a lot of fun. I got some really cool Christmas presents. A few of my gifts that I got were a keyboard, a music note stand, a poster of downtown Los Angeles, tickets to the Atlanta Braves home opener and a Sam Hunt CD. It was a fun Christmas. For New Years I went to Cincinnati Ohio to see a Cincinnati Cyclones minor league hockey game. That was fun. After the hockey game I went out to dinner to this place called the Tavern and I watched the ball drop on TV. New Years Day I watched a lot of football and then tailgated for the big Alabama vs Clemson game. Alabama won! This week with my new job has been going fantastic. I love my new job so so much! It’s a lot of fun. My boss’s name is Tammy and I have four coworkers named Dwayne, Gary, Orlando and Terry. I work in the mail room. Wednesday was my first day with my new job and I went with Susan to different floors to get mail from these little cubbies. Yesterday I helped Dwayne put copy paper in the cabinets on the different floors and I helped Tammy take some boxes to a storage room. I have learned so much this week. This morning when I was helping Dwayne put the papers in the cabinet I learned how to get back to the elevator to go back downstairs to the mail room which was awesome. I am also trying to learn how to deliver mail on the different floors which will take more time to practice and get it down. So far this week I’m doing great and I’m not nervous anymore. Today was a fun day. I wiped the top of the shelves in the mail room this morning. This afternoon I went up to the first floor in the A tower to check if there was any paper in the copy machine. I filled three of the copy machines with paper.” -Bailey

Have a great (long) weekend!

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