Finally- A full week of work!

While I’m sure everyone enjoyed a few extra days of rest due to the snow and ice, it was nice to be back in our routine this week! The interns have really embraced their new job rotations and taken the new challenges in stride. I love seeing their confidence grow more and more each day!

Here is what the interns wanted to share about the snow days and their jobs:

“For some of the snow days I didn’t play in the snow because it was too cold to go outside.  I stayed inside and just hung out. Saturday night I went to my Uncle Randy’s house and played Injustice 2 with my little brother for three hours downstairs. I felt happy about having some extra days off. This week I restocked the food and drinks in the coolers, restocked the cups, lids, to go boxes, forks, napkins, and I cleaned the counters and the tables. This week was great!” -Moe

“I was really sad because we did not have work last week. Last week I went to take my little brother to work. Then me and my grandma went to Publix. I just watched The Challenge vs Star on MTV. I played my Xbox 360. One of my coworkers taught me how to package the cookies, rice krispie treats, and brownies. I wrapped the cookies and put on the stickers. We put the cookies at CTech cafeteria and the Starbucks Store too. I helped Karen behind the counter, and I served potatoes to employees at lunch time. Another coworker taught me how to add the flavors to the Coke machine. Karen and I restocked the ketchup and mayonnaise on Wednesday. I restocked the napkins. I also dusted the chairs and the blinds. A coworker gave me a shout out because I helped her with the cookies and rice krispie treats. This weekend I’m going watch scary movies and play video games.” -Jazmin  

“The snow days were fun! I enjoyed sleeping in and hanging out. Me and my brother Connor ordered Papa Johns pizza on one of the snow days. It was fun. My work week was great. Throughout this week I have been making some deliveries with my coworker Terry and when I have been making these deliveries I met this awesome guy. His name is Matthew and he likes all the Atlanta sports just like me. He likes the Braves, Hawks, and the Falcons. I learned how to check for mail on every floor by myself. I also learned how to dust the satellite mail centers on each floor. I have some good plans for this weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to get my haircut with my brother Connor and after that, we will be going out to lunch. We’re going to Five Guys and Smoothie King. Sunday I’m just hanging out and ordering Cheeseburger Bobbies.” -Love Bailey. 

Have a great weekend!

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