L.I.F.E. @ Cox in the Spotlight!

The interns felt like celebrities this week! They were interviewed and photographed for a feature that will be in the InsideCox company magazine in April. It’s always neat to hear them describe their jobs with such pride. We’re looking forward to seeing the article!

Here is what the interns had to say about their week and upcoming weekend:

“This week I worked with Lanchando .We put stickers on the cookies. I wiped the tables and the benches. I swept in dining room. I restocked the hot sauce and yellow mustard. On Monday I had a turkey wrap with cheese, mayonnaise, and black olives. It was really good. I set up the potato bar all by myself with no help. Karen gave me a shout out because I did the potato bar myself this week. I served customers the jasmine rice and the orange chicken on Tuesday. Karen and I put sauce in the cups for the orange chicken. I had fun getting my photo taken with Bailey and Moe. I also liked getting my photo taken by myself. We are going be in the Cox Magazine. It is going to be so cool!! This weekend I’m going to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix. Grandma is taking me to the hair salon so I can get my hair done on Saturday.” -Jazmin

 2018-01-29 10.30.54

“My work week was fantastic. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I made some deliveries with my coworker, Harriston. I learned how to scan the big delivery boxes and I also learned how to get around the different floors. Yesterday I was challenged to go on the different floors and deliver mail all by myself and I won the challenge. Woo hoo!! Also yesterday morning some very nice people came to Cox and took a picture of me while I was working. The pictures are for the Cox magazine. I also answered some interview questions for the magazine. I have some fun plans this weekend. My aunt is coming in town for a fun birthday party for my grandfather tomorrow night. Sunday is Super Bowl day. I’m having my own dance party in my room and I’m watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night.” Love Bailey and Go Eagles!!! 

 2018-01-30 09.29.09

“This week I did inventory, restocked the lids and to go boxes, and I cleaned tables and the counters. I enjoyed restocking the lids and the to go boxes. Restocking the lids and the to go boxes is a hard job because sometimes the lids fall over. A photographer took some pictures of me and the other interns for the Cox magazine. I had Salmon, some onion rings, and curly fries with Vanilla Coke for lunch. Saturday I’m going to go to my little brother’s friend’s house to watch some TV. Then I’m going home to watch some funny episodes of the show Mad and a movie with my dad. Sunday I’m going to my next door neighbor’s house to play Injustice 2 with my next door neighbor, Allen.” -Moe

2018-01-31 12.41.54

Have a great weekend!

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