The best part of my job is…

Periodically, I ask the interns what they like best about their job. I love how their answers about the physical work are always different, yet they are consistently fond of their coworkers and mentors.

Read their answers, along with the weekly recap:

The best of my job is restocking the to go lids and boxes because I learned something new.

This week we learned about the dangers of alcohol and smoking in Unique Learning. I did inventory, restocked the to go lids and boxes, and cleaned counters and tables. I really like cleaning tables because I cleaned tables before at C Tech Dining Center. Saturday I’m going to watch Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Sunday I’m just going to hang out at home.” -Moe

My favorite part of my job is communicating with my coworkers and delivering mail! 

My work week was great. Tuesday and Wednesday I did something new. Tuesday I picked up the toners from each floor. Wednesday I scanned the boxes. Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. My aunt came to Cox and had lunch with me. This weekend I have some awesome plans. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with one of my best friends who I have known for a long time. His name is Tyler. I’m not exactly sure where me and Tyler are going for dinner tonight but it might be the Varsity. Woo hoo!! Tomorrow morning my uncle is coming in town to spend all day tomorrow with me and my brother. The rest of the weekend I’m just hanging out and watching sports.” Love Bailey

The best part of my job is talking to the customers and saying good morning and how are you.

This week I helped Shante with the lemon slices. We put the lemon slices in the cups. I cleaned the trays and the tables. I restocked the tartar sauce and mayonnaise. I cleaned the benches in the afternoon and I love that job. Kim and I put sauce in cups for the chicken on Thursday. I placed all of the food labels on the counter for Shante. I dusted the chairs. The weekend I’m just going to rest and sleep all day. Dad and I are going to the movies on Sunday.” –Jazmin

Have a great weekend!

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