Looking forward to a long weekend

After another week of hard work, we are looking forward to having Monday and Tuesday off next week. The interns loved celebrating Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day this week, and they were spoiled by their coworkers!

Here is what the interns had to say about this week:

“This week I did inventory, restocked the to go lids and boxes, put some stamps on the lids for the yogurts, and cleaned the counters and tables.  I have a fun weekend planned. Saturday I’m going to watch Justice League Dark. Sunday I am going to the Big Apple Circus with my mom. Monday and Tuesday I’m just going to hang out at home.  This week I had fried fish, some onion rings, and Vanilla Coke for lunch and it was a good lunch. I also tried the cheese pizza. It was great!” From Moe 

2018-02-16 09.13.46

“I had a great work week. Monday me and my coworkers had a barbecue feast with lots of good food. At the barbecue feast I had barbecue chicken with mac and cheese and baked beans. There was some good banana pudding that I really liked a lot. It was yummy. I have a very exciting weekend planned. Tonight I’m going to Birmingham Alabama to see my grandmother for the long weekend while my mom and my brother are looking at colleges in Alabama. My brother will be going to college next Fall. My dad comes to Birmingham tomorrow night to spend the weekend with me and my grandmother. Me and my dad and my grandmother will be doing some fun activities throughout the weekend. We are going bowling and going out to eat. Wednesday was Valentines Day. I got lots of treats that morning from my mom. I also gave Traci, Susan and Jessica and all of my coworkers chocolate for Valentines Day. Tuesday was a big holiday. It was Fat Tuesday. I got some beads. The beads looked awesome on me. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I checked my floors. I looked for mail and I greeted the people who I make deliveries to. I told them good morning and I was checking on them because it’s my morning job. After my lunch break this week I communicated with my coworkers and I made some afternoon deliveries. Also me and Harriston walked on a fun adventure to Tammy’s mail room to deliver some flowers to Tammy for Valentines Day. It was a fun week.” Love Bailey

2018-02-16 10.52.29

“On Monday I vacuumed at CTech. This week it was Fat Tuesday, and Karen gave me a mask and beads. I restocked the to go lids and boxes, and cleaned the counters. I restocked the strawberry jelly and apple jelly. I set up the potato bar. Thursday I got a lot of gifts on Valentines Day. Friday early morning I’m going to New York City with my family. I’m going to hang out with my family and go out to eat at the buffet restaurant. I’m going visit my cousin in Queens NYC. Monday night I’m coming back to Atlanta Georgia. On Tuesday I’m going to play my Xbox 360.” -Jazmin

2018-02-14 13.39.34

Enjoy the long weekend!

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