Coworker Spotlight!

It’s that time again! The interns are excited to recognize coworkers who have been extra helpful with their second semester job rotations. We will have to do this more frequently because it was so hard for them to pick just one person! Continued thanks to everyone who has been so instrumental in helping our students learn. We appreciate ALL of you!

“Dear Brittany,

I chose you for my coworker spotlight because you taught me how to restock the to go boxes and the lids. You always say hi to me and that makes me feel happy. I like the music that you play in the stock room. I can always come to you for help.”


2018-02-23 11.15.55

Dear Karen,

I know that you love bowling and watching basketball, and I like those things too. We both love to be neat in our area. You taught me how to restock the hot sauce, and dust the chairs. You also introduce me to lots of people. Thanks for showing me how to set up the potato bar. It is my favorite job.”


 2018-02-22 11.18.31

Dear Orlando,

You are my coworker spotlight. You ar a really funny guy. You make me laugh and we have a cool hand shake. I like talking to you about sports. It’s cool that we both like Georgia Tech basketball. That was a fun conversation. A couple weeks ago we went up to one of the floors and you taught me to pick up the toners and bring all the toners on a cart down to the mail room. You rock, Orlando!”

Love Bailey

2018-02-23 12.38.54

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