A Trip to Riverwood

We started off the week with a trip to Riverwood HS for some meetings. We turned it into a learning opportunity and practiced using public transportation. We rode the Cox shuttle to the MARTA station where we then caught a bus over to Riverwood. After their meetings, the interns enjoyed seeing some of their former teachers and classmates.

We got back into our routine on Tuesday, and it sounds like everyone had a great work week!

“I had fun riding the Cox bus and the Marta bus to Riverwood for a meeting on Monday. I liked seeing my friends. This week at work I served the customers banana pudding. I cleaned the tables, and the conference room. I swept the floors. I restocked the forks and spoons. I put sauce in cups for the egg rolls. I dusted the chairs. Hopefully this weekend I’m going see my baby brother and go to the park with him. Saturday I’m cooking fish and white rice for my family.” –Jazmin

“Monday we rode the Cox bus to the Marta train station. We also rode the Marta bus to Riverwood and went to visit Riverwood for a meeting about getting a job. Tuesday we went back to work at Cox and I did inventory, restocked the to go lids and boxes, cleaned counters and tables. Yesterday I tried Pesto Shrimp Flatbread Pizza and I didn’t like it at all. Today I tried the Shrimp Po Boy. It was good and spicy. Saturday I’m going to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 with my dad. Sunday I might play the video game Need for Speed Most Wanted.” –Moe

“My work week was great. Monday was an exciting day. We took Marta to go to Riverwood High School for a meeting and we saw all of our friends from school.  Wednesday I went on one of my coworkers floors for the first time to meet some new people which was awesome. Today my coworker Talia gave me a very nice postcard of Las Vegas. It was so nice of her. This weekend I’m just hanging out and watching TV. It was a fun work week!” Love Bailey and Go Braves!!

Have a great weekend!

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