Digital Learning Day

Today is Digital Learning Day, so the interns are completing assignments from the comfort of their homes. They are working on completing daily household tasks independently, and they are reading about indoor and outdoor safety.

We were excited to receive the professional headshots that were taken for the upcoming edition of InSide Cox magazine that will feature our program!


“I cleaned the tables and counters at CTECH. I restocked the napkins and the chips all myself. On Friday we have a digital learning day at home. We have chores to do at home and if we do all of the chores when we go back to Cox we will have a big treat. This week we saw the picture we are going be on the magazine at Cox. I had fish and chips on Thursday. It was really good.” -JazminCox-LIFE-067

“This week I did inventory, restocked the to go boxes and lids, and cleaned the counters and the counters. I ate fish, onion rings and had Vanilla Coke for lunch and the fish and the onion rings were good. Today is Digital Learning Day and we have to do chores. Saturday I have a Baseball game and Sunday my Soccer game might get cancelled.” -MoeCox-LIFE-064
“My work week was great. I didn’t do anything new but it was a fun week. Yesterday I wore my new glasses to work for the first time. I looked good in them. This weekend is a fun weekend for me because on Saturday I have my first baseball game and after my baseball game I’m going to the Georgia Aquarium with some friends of mine and on Sunday I’m just hanging out with my mom.” Love Bailey and Go Braves!!!

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