Digital Learning Day Recap

Sorry for the delayed post, but we had some technical difficulties on Friday. Here is a quick recap of what the interns did on the FCS Digital Learning Day. We wanted them to work on independent living skills at home, so they were given a list of potential chores to do with as little help as possible. They sent over some pictures, and it was neat to see them in action from afar!

“Last Friday we had Digital Learning Day at home. I woke up early at 8:12am. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I made my own bed. I cooked my own breakfast. I walked my dog Annie. I love doing my chores. I worked on my Unique Learning in the morning. I had fun doing my blog at work last Thursday.” -Jazmin

“Digital Learning Day was a fun day. I did some chores and I did some unique learning. I made my breakfast and I picked out my clothes. I brushed my hair and I cleaned the kitchen counter and I cleaned my sink. After I did my chores and my unique learning I hung out and me and my mom ordered lunch. We had Cheeseburger Bobbies and it was good.” -Bailey

“The chores I did were woke up with an alarm, took a shower, brushed my teeth, fed the dog, cleaned the kitchen counter, made my own breakfast, got the mail, completed Unique Learning, picked out my own clothes, got dressed, put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, put my clean clothes in drawers, and put my other clean clothes on the hanger.” -Moe

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