Spring Break!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Spring Break! Time always seems to speed up once we hit Spring Break. Before we know it, we will be welcoming our 2018-2019 interns!

Here is what Jazmin, Moe, and Bailey have planned for Spring Break:

“This Spring Break I’m headed back to NJ. I’m going maybe see the Jersey Shore store and the house where their use to have the show at. I’m going see my great grandma at the nursing home. I’m going eat some good pizza. I want to go to the beach.” –Jazmin

“For Spring Break I’m going to Phillips Arena to see WWE Raw on April 2nd. I’m also going to play a video game at home and the video game is called WWE 2K 14 on the Xbox 360. I’m going to watch NCIS, Bull and NCIS New Orleans on Tuesday Night with my mom. I’m also going to watch one episode of The Batman from the complete Third Season on Wednesday.” –Moe

“My spring break plans are awesome and my weekend plans are awesome too. Saturday I have a huge rivalry baseball game against Moe and my former fall ball season team. After my baseball game me, my dad, and my brother are going out to lunch probably to Five Guys. After lunch, me and my dad are going on a 7 hour drive to Cincinnati Ohio for Easter weekend and all next week. When I’m in Cincinnati, my dad’s wife, who is so nice, will be cooking some awesome meals. We will be watching the Final Four, going to two Cincinnati Reds baseball games, going to the Cincinnati zoo and going bowling.” Love Bailey and Go Braves!!!! 

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

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