Only 5 more weeks…

…but who’s counting?! We’re actually super sad that our first year at Cox is almost over though. We have a lot planned for these next 5 weeks:

  • L.I.F.E. & Project Search Meet & Greet @ Centennial Olympic Park on April 27th
  • Orientation for new L.I.F.E. @ Cox interns on May 2nd
  • Volunteering at Special Olympics Track & Field @ Centennial HS on May 11th
  • End of the Year Celebration for current interns – TBD

We have been reading about trying new things in Unique Learning. Summer is a perfect time to try new things and find some new hobbies and learn some new skills. We spent some time reading outside to enjoy some of the warmer weather – since it seems to happen only rarely these days!

2018-04-18 14.41.02

Here is a brief summary of what our interns were up to this week:

“This week I did inventory, cleaned the counters, restocked the to go boxes and the to go lids, and cleaned tables. I flew to San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday with my family. Yesterday I went to the rehearsal for the wedding and I also went to the rehearsal dinner at Longhorn Cafe. Today I’m going to my cousin Sarah’s wedding.” -Moe

“This week I set up the potato bar. I cleaned the tables in CTECH. I cleaned the conference room. I restocked the condiments. I swept the floors . I put umbrellas up yesterday. It was a good week.” -Jazmin

“My work week was great. I delivered a whole lot of packages and I scanned some packages. I also checked for mail and restocked envelopes and paper on my floors. This weekend I have a baseball game and I’m hanging out and watching the Braves on TV.” Love Bailey and Go Braves!!!




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