L.I.F.E. Program Meet & Greet

2018-04-27 13.27.49

Today we took MARTA to Centennial Olympic Park for our annual L.I.F.E. Program Meet & Greet. We had a great day and even better weather! We got to meet other L.I.F.E. interns and learn about the other programs in FCS. We are so grateful to all of the companies who work with us to make our L.I.F.E. Programs so successful!

Here is what the interns had to say about the Meet & Greet:

“It was a fun day. I really enjoyed meeting all these nice people and throwing the football and playing kick ball. I also enjoyed my wrap at lunch.” –Bailey

“This Friday all of the interns met at the Centennial Olympic Park. We got to know each other and played quiz games so we could tell each other where we work. I had fun playing football and kick ball with the interns this afternoon. It was a great day off from work.” –Jazmin

“Today I rode the Marta train to Centennial Olympic Park and I met some other interns. I asked the question on the card. I played football with the other interns and I got nachos at CNN Center from Moe’s. I had to go back to Moe’s to switch my unsweet tea to sweet tea. I ate all of my nachos and drank all of the sweet tea. My favorite part of the whole day was taking the group picture!” -Moe


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