Orientation for the 2018-2019 Interns

This week, we hosted an orientation for the L.I.F.E. @ Cox interns who will be here during the 2018-2019 school year. The current interns did well explaining the types of jobs they have done this year- I was so proud of them! Cox provided a delicious lunch, as well as backpacks and water bottles for the new interns. We are so lucky to work with such an incredible company!

As excited as we are to welcome our new interns, we are also sad to see our current interns move on to bigger and better things. They will be sharing their plans for summer and beyond in the coming weeks.

Here are a few words from Bailey, Jazmin, and Moe about Orientation, as well as some pictures:

My work week was great. Wednesday was a very fun day. Me, Jazmin, and Moe spoke to the new interns about our jobs. I was a little nervous that morning but I ended up doing great. The people who prepared the lunch did an awesome job. I really liked the lunch. It was one of the best lunches I ever had. I had a turkey sandwich with chips, a pickle, and a cookie. This weekend I have some very exciting plans. Tomorrow morning I have a 9am baseball game against Moe and his team and then I’m just hanging out. Sunday is the fun part of my very exciting plans. Sunday me and my brother Connor and my two friends are going to the Braves game. We’re sitting right behind home plate which is awesome. SunTrust Park has amazing home plate servers who get the people who are sitting right behind home plate whatever they need. When people are sitting behind home plate they don’t have to stand up and go get their own food. Love Bailey and Go Braves!!!
This week we had Orientation for the new interns. Moe, Bailey, and I talked about what we have done in our jobs at Cox. I talked to the new interns Wednesday and got to know them. One of the interns asked what it is like to be at Cox. I told him that he would love Cox. Then we had lunch in the conference room. It was a good orientation. -Jazmin
Wednesday we went to orientation and I was nervous at first. Then I wasn’t nervous after orientation. We met the new interns. We also talked about my jobs during the orientation. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. It was good and I also got some water to drink. The security guard, Judy, was happy that I got water instead of Vanilla Coke!  -Moe

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