Intern Spotlight on… Bailey!

As the school year comes to an end, we decided to use the final three weeks to highlight our amazing 2017-2018 interns.

This week is all about Bailey! He will share his plans for the future and what he liked best about working at Cox, and the other interns will share some kind words about Bailey. Take a look!


“I have had a fantastic year at Cox. My favorite part about Cox was the food and getting to know my great coworkers. I’m a little sad that this semester is almost over but I’m looking forward to having a new great experience at Project Search at North Fulton Hospital during the next school year. My future plans are looking awesome so far. I’m going to get a job and I’ll be living in a new house with some friends of mine later in the future after I’m prepared for it. It has been a terrific year at Cox and I’m looking forward to moving on to my next new experience before my long future gets started.” Love Bailey and Go Braves!!!
“Bailey is nice to me. We eat lunch together at the Main Dining Center and C Tech Dining Center. We talk to each other. Bailey is good at delivering mail.” -Moe
“This year I was so excited Bailey was working with me this year. He is a cool nice guy. When he laughs he makes my day. I’m sad I won’t be with him next year. I’m happy this year I was working with him.” -Jazmin
Bailey was approached by a Cox employee, Josh, last week after he saw the article about L.I.F.E. @ Cox in the InSide Cox Magazine. He asked Bailey if he would like to grab lunch, and Bailey happily agreed. Bailey and Josh had lunch together this week, and they were instant friends. We love how accepting everyone at Cox has been with our interns and can’t wait to introduce our new interns in August. We are so proud of how much Bailey has learned this year, and we know he will continue to do a great job at North Fulton Hospital next year at Project Search! Project Search is a program very much like the L.I.F.E. Program, also through Fulton County Schools. Bailey attended orientation last night, and he is so excited that his new teacher is also a Bama fan! Good luck, Bailey! -Traci & Susan

One thought on “Intern Spotlight on… Bailey!

  1. What a great year Bailey! I’m so glad you were a part of the LIFE @ Cox program. Good luck at Project Search!

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