Intern Spotlight on… Jazmin!

Before we spotlight Jazmin, I wanted to remind you that Monday-Thursday are early release days. The bus will pick up at 12:00 pm. The last day of school is Thursday, May 24th!

And now to the lovely Jazmin! She has written about her plans for after she leaves L.I.F.E. @ Cox, and Moe and Bailey had some nice things to say about Jazmin as well. Take a look!Cox-LIFE-067

”My favorite part of Cox is being around my friends and coworkers. I like eating the food too. I’m moving to Woodbridge NJ with my aunt. I’m going help my uncle who works in a church. I’m going to be helping him with the kids in the Daycare. It is going be a great future for me helping with my uncle in the church. I’m going to miss my friends and teachers in Atlanta.” -Jazmin

“Jazmin is really nice. We say hi to each other in the morning and the afternoon. Jazmin is really good at cleaning tables and working in the cafeteria. I will miss her.” -Moe

“I had a great time with Jazmin at Cox. She was very kind and nice to me. I’m pretty sad that she’s moving to New Jersey because I’m going to miss her. She is awesome and I had a great time talking to her and riding the bus with her. She is a good friend to me and she did an awesome job working in the two mail rooms and in CTECH.” Love Bailey! 

Jazmin, we are so sad that you’re leaving us! We can’t wait to hear about your move to NJ, and we’re excited to hear about what’s next for you. Good luck as you search for a job, and let us know where you end up working! -Traci & Susan


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