Intern Spotlight on… Moe!

For our last week, we are highlighting Moe! We are so proud of all of his hard work and feel confident that he has a bright future.


Here is what Moe will be up to after he leave L.I.F.E. @ Cox, as well as some nice words from Bailey and Jazmin:

“This year has been great. I liked working in the dining centers. My favorite jobs were setting up the potato bar and doing inventory. I liked the food a lot too! After the Life Program I want to work at Target or I might want to work at different store like Game Stop. For my birthday I’m going to the Stake ‘n Shake at Cobb Parkway. Then I’m going to go see the new movie The First Purge at Parkway Pointe. I’m also going to get cookie cake from the grocery store. Then I’ll go home and watch Mickey’s House of Villains and then eat a piece of cookie cake.” -Moe

“I have had a great year with Moe. I have enjoyed eating lunch with Moe and talking to him. I’m sad that he is graduating from Cox. I’m going to miss him, but me and Moe will keep in touch and hang out sometime. Me and Moe have had a great experience at Cox having fun, eating lunch together and having conversations.” Love Bailey 

”My favorite part of Moe is talking to him about Scary movies and making him laugh about funny jokes. Moe is a nice guy and he is going have a great future. I’m going miss Moe next year. He’s is a great friend to talk to.” -Jazmin

We are so proud of you, Moe! We can’t wait to hear about your new job. We will miss you so much! Happy (early) birthday! – Traci & Susan


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