The 1st Week at Cox!

We’ve had a great week at L.I.F.E. @ Cox! It has been fun showing the new interns around the Cox campus, and we have reviewed policies and procedures. We are so grateful to Cox for supplying uniform shirts and shoes for our interns. They look sharp! Each intern quickly learned how to get to his job independently, and their coworkers are so excited for them to start working next week. I have high expectations for this group of young men, and I know it will be a great year!

One of my favorite activities for the first week is our “Get Your #selfie to Work Challenge.” The interns are challenged to find their job location independently once they feel confident, and they have to send me a selfie when they get there. Here they are!

I asked the interns to send me their thoughts about their first week at Cox – enjoy!

“I’m ready to start working in the CTech Cafeteria on Monday with Karen. I feel kind of nervous about what I will be doing in the Cafeteria. The Workers are nice in the Cafeteria. I’m interested in asking them if they can show me how to Cook Foods for myself and show me the ropes and how it’s done here. I don’t want to make mistakes on the Jobs before I leave Cox Enterprise forever next year to go off to college out here in Atlanta Georgia.” -Kedar

2018-08-06 14.15.35

“I’m at Cox and I like it because they have really nice people and the food is really good. I learned a lot about the place and I met my bosses. Their names are Rick, Kevin, and Dwight. I will be working in the Main Cafeteria. Also I like Marta and we have our own Marta cards. I saw a lot of my friends from Banneker High School at the Marta station. I miss them so much. I got to meet my teachers. Their names are Syble Green, Susan Hillman and Traci Davis. They are nice people. I like it here!” –Usuaya

2018-08-06 14.15.09

“This week is a good start for us getting a job. We know about the cafeteria, our area where we gonna work at, and which bus we have to take when it’s time for us to go to work and go home. We started working on how to get breakfast to-go and eat as quick as possible in 30 minutes of eating before we sign in. We went to our area for our jobs where we will start working. For me I’ll be working at the Company Store that’s just like Starbucks. They got snacks, smoothies, coffees that they serve at Starbucks, and clothing. We know what to do in our setting for this program which is knowing our time management, our job, being mindful of texting or contacting your supervisors, and always being on time.” –Khalial

2018-08-06 14.15.15

“I like everybody. I’m going to work at the fitness centers. I like my bosses. I learn about Marta. I like to see my friends from G.S.U. when we are at College Park Station. I like the equipment in the fitness center. I tried working out with one of my coworkers, Ryan.” –Johnny

2018-08-07 14.32.32

“My first week at Cox was wonderful! I like Cox Enterprise because it teaches you alot about work experience and skills. It Teaches how to accomplish better things in the future. I like my life teachers. They are Intelligent and smart and respectful and supportive. They teach you more things about the future. I like the Mail room. I met my boss and coworkers. My boss name is Denita. My coworkers names are Kareem, Terry, Harriston, and Anita. I learn how to use Marta and The app for Marta.” -Maurice

2018-08-06 14.15.22

Have a great weekend!

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