Starting our New Jobs!

This week, we welcomed our 6th intern, Enoes. The interns began their job rotations on Monday, and I’ve been blown away by how quickly they are learning their responsibilities.

2018-08-14 14.27.45-2

I asked the interns to write about their first week on the job – enjoy!

I work at two fitness centers. My boss name is Suzanne. I also work with Ryan and Annie. And I also work with Morgan and Brandon. I clean the exercise equipment. I do the laundry. I fold some towels. I say hello to the members. I move the exercise bikes after the exercise class. I check the studio to make sure everything’s fine. I would like to learn how to use the workout equipment. –Johnny

My name is Maurice. I work at the mail center in Central Park B. My first week at work was awesome! I learn how to use the scanner. When we get deliveries, we have to scan the boxes. I learn that we are having a meeting on September 4th at 9:30am. I am learning how to use the mail center computer system. I need to work on checking the mail center on each floor to make sure all the floors have enough mailing supplies. Kareem and Harriston showed me how to deliver on their floors. –Maurice

I work in the CTech Cafeteria. I learn how to rotate condiments and how to setup condiments with Karen. I met the manager Tru. He showed me new things I am go to be working on in the CTech Cafeteria. Tru showed me how to stack the cups. I started to work with new employees. Kim showed me how to go around the Cafeteria Room and wipe down the counter. I want to learn how to cook and serve foods to the customer. I also learned how to set up the baked potato bar. –Kedar

This week was a great start in the Company Store. I learn how to make Smoothies and Coffee. I even learned how to use the coffee machine. I have done some cleaning and dusting around the store, I restocked the drinks in the refrigerator, and I iron some clothes. I want to learn more about making all different kinds of coffee like from Starbucks menu. One thing I like about this job is that I make smoothies because it helps keep me busy. I like giving out costumers some smoothies because I call the number on their ticket and it makes everyone happy. My boss let me make my own smoothies & coffee so I could learn how to use the machines. –Khalial

I work at the Mail Room in the C Tech building. I have been working with Dwayne by scanning the boxes, using the X-ray scanner machine to see the inside of the boxes, using the hand scanner to scan the boxes, use the computer to find out who’s box it is, and using the handheld scanner to also scan the box. I also check each mail center to see if there’s letters that are ready to be mailed and see if there’s any paper inside the printers on each floor. I find the name of the employee and Dwayne gives the box to the person and I let them sign. -Enoes

I work in the main cafe. I restocked the items in the cooler. I restock plastic cups and to go boxes. I want to help learn how to set up the salad bar. -Usuaya

On Tuesday, we were invited to a “Welcome to Cox” party with our friends on the Supply Chain team. There was an ice cream sundae bar, and the interns all received a Cox lunch box and shirt. Take a look at how nice they look!

2018-08-17 14.25.17


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