Proud Interns

This week, I asked the interns to write about something that they are proud of. Here is what they had to say:

My boss’s name is Denita. I am proud of myself because I have met so many people at Cox. I know my coworkers. I use the scanner and scan the packages and deliveries that come into the mail center. I use the phone scanner and scan the boxes that get delivered to each floor .Then I have the employess sign their signature to get packages. I have to sync the scanner every time I get a shipment. Today I learned what to do when the signature doesn’t get saved. –Maurice

This week I clean the equipment and studio and I laundry the towels. I check the locker room for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Ryan showed me how to do the squat. I’m proud that I worked hard. -Johnny

So this week I feel proud that I’m working so hard on my job. I can make smoothies so quickly to pass out to customers and read out the numbers out loud like a real employee. What I did this week on the job is continue making smoothies, wiping the counters, dusting around in the store, and learning how to make coffees. So this week I’m trying to learn how to make more coffees. We had a speech lesson last Tuesday, and last Monday I finished my speech testing from my last school year. –Khalial

This week during my job was great. I did something new at the mail room. I got to deliver some mail by myself. My manager Tammy showed me how to deliver some mail. When she told me to deliver some mail on the 3rd floor on the A section it took a while for me to deliver them but I finally did it. I also got to eat something new during breakfast and lunch during the week. During breakfast I ordered the same scrambled eggs with bacon since my first day, but this week I added sausages, hash browns, and biscuits. For lunch, I had onion rings and I had it with cheese pizza. –Enoes

What I did this week was fill up the to-go boxes and fill the cups and do inventory. It was a busy week. I also wipe down the counter tops and one thing I’m proud of is that I learn fast. I want to work on staying focused. -Usuaya

I work in the CTech Cafeteria. I am proud of myself for following directions and I got a chance to work in the kitchen with Mike. The first thing I do at the cafeteria is work with Karen stocking condiments and wiping down the table. I also work with Kim wiping down the counters and sweeping people’s messes off the floor. Today In the kitchen with Mike I lined up the biscuits. I also lined up the sausage and lined up the shrimps on the sticks and put it on the pan. –Kedar

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