Labor Day Weekend

Don’t forget that there is no school/work on Monday! I hope you all enjoy the Labor Day weekend. I am so excited that football season is back!

The interns have continued to work hard, and they are excited to share what they have been up to this week. I also asked them to include their plans for the long weekend.

Yesterday I worked in the kitchen with Mike. I started to prepare the foods using the potato cutter in the kitchen and lined up breakfast foods like biscuits and sausage. I also put seasoning salts and pepper on the meat and bacon and added maple syrup on the bacon. I put all the four bacon pans inside the carts. I put everything up in the freezer. I left the kitchen and went back into the dining room. Everything was normal. I just wiped down the tables and counters and swept people’s messes off the floor. On Labor Day I will stay home and watch great movies and play video games on the PlayStation. I might go to gym with my mom if she feels like it. I might go shoot around in the basketball court and exercise at the gym. -Kedar

This week was great. I feel like my job at the mail room just keeps getting better and better. During the week I got to check to see if the names of the people on the mail list were still at the same office. What I had to is when I find the names that are on the list I write down a check mark but when see a name that is not on the list I write down the name and the location on a sheet of paper. During this weekend I’m just going to stay home and just chill by laying down in bed and use my phone while my older brother is going out to Savannah Georgia for a few days. –Enoes

This week I was busy at my job. I had to fill up the cups and the to go boxes and I had to restock the inventory. I counted how much is missing from the inventory and then went to the back to get the supplies. I wiped down the counters and then I waited until lunch started to refill the to go containers and then I went to lunch. This weekend I might go out of town with my dad and my brother. I don’t know where yet. If we don’t go out of town, I will stay in Atlanta and go hang with friends and chill. -Usuaya

This week at work I learned how to use the juicer. It’s mostly vegetable juice that people order. They can add some fruit to it if they want to. The store was a lot busier this week. We have the fall coffee menu this week. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. I did something nice for my teacher by making her a smoothie. This weekend I’m going to DragonCon. They have a lot of stuff going on this weekend like parties, gaming, and parades. I’m most excited about the parades because last year I saw the parades and they were on the news. –Khalial

My fourth week at work was great. I have been practicing the names on my floors. I learned to use the scanning system in the mail room. My co-workers are very supportive, smart, successful, respectful, and kind. I met some new friends on my floors. My plans for this Labor Day weekend are to go to Savannah Georgia. I’m going to Tybee Island and going to see my sisters. My boss at the mail center is so nice, talented and very respectful. I love my life teachers. They teach us to accomplish better things in our life in the future. The life teachers teach us to work hard and always work smart. -Maurice

I cleaned the equipment and I did the laundry and I checked the studio and I folded some towels and I checked the locker room. This weekend I will watch T.V. and play video games and watch my sister. –Johnny

Have a great weekend, and Go Dawgs!

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