Healthy Choices

We spent this week learning about how to make healthy choices. The cafeterias at Cox are incredible, but it is very easy to make unhealthy choices at breakfast and lunch. I asked the interns to reflect on what they have learned, as well as recap their week.

This week during my job was great. I was working on both sections A and B. First I was checking to see if there was any mail. After checking the mail on both sections I checked to see if there were any papers inside the printers. After lunch I usually double check the mail centers and sometimes my co-workers give me some boxes to deliver. This week during my lunch break I was learning how to eat healthier food. This week I had green beans, grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, and broccoli which I was thinking look like trees. –Enoes

I learned about healthy eating. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. At work I cleaned the equipment, I checked the locker room, I checked the studios, I did the laundry and I folded some towels. I had fun showing Mr. Black what I do at work. This weekend I will watch T.V. and play video games and watch YouTube. –Johnny

I learned that you have to stay healthy at all times so you won’t gain weight. I learned that I need to start eating more green vegetables and fruit. My week at work was great. I went to Cindy’s retirement party yesterday. We surprised her real good yesterday. I delivered packages on my floors. We had a meeting after I got through delivering packages with Denita. When I went to Cindy’s retirement party she gave me a mason jar with candy in it. She gave me some California Rolls sushi. My sister is coming tomorrow from Denver, Colorado. Me and my mother and my sister are having a party for my grandma tomorrow. I am so excited that my sister is coming to town. -Maurice

This week we learned about how to choose healthier foods from the menu for breakfast and lunch. I eat better foods everyday to keep me strong. My week at work I did something nice for my Teacher Traci since it’s her birthday today. Me and my coworker gave her a gift bag with a singing balloon, candy, a coffee mug, and I made her a smoothie. -Khalial

I learned about healthy foods. I learned that vitamins help your body stay healthy. Apples are a good healthy snack. Working in the kitchen with Mike was great. I learned where the foods are stored in the freezer. I learned how to prepare foods and sprinkle season salt and pepper on the meat. Meat is a protein. -Kedar

This week was so busy. We had a lot of people coming in the café. I worked so hard this week. Everybody was working so hard to keep the cafe clean. This weekend I will be with my friends at Five Points. I learned about energy, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins, digestion, protein, fatty foods and that you have to have healthy food choices to keep your body healthy. –Usuaya

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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