2 Week Update

Hey everyone! I apologize that there was no blog last week – I was in a meeting that lasted most of the week, so we decided to postpone the blog until this Friday. The interns are doing great work, and I’ve been hearing many compliments.

We watched a presentation about what to do in the event that an active shooter is in the building, and I was very impressed with how well the interns handled the information. The overarching message was “Run, Hide, Fight.” We had some great conversation about dealing with all kinds of emergencies, and will continue to learn about this important topic.

Take a look at what the guys had to say about the past two weeks:

The café was so busy this week. I restocked the to go containers and did inventory. This weekend I’m going to see my cousin. -Usuaya

I volunteered to help the man who works in the main cafeteria getting him chicken sausages and turkey sausages. Then I set up the box in the basement with him. I went back to CTech to work with Mike in the kitchen to line up the biscuits, chicken sausages, and turkey sausage. I seasoned potatoes and put the bacon inside the cart with the breakfast supplies. This morning at 9:25 I was working with Karen setting up the condiments and wiping down the tables. I worked with Kim to wipe down the counters. I was sweeping messes up off the floor before working in the kitchen. –Kedar

My week in the mail center was great. It was busy. I had a meeting to go to this week. I have been learning my names that are on my list of names on my floors. I went to Lakeisha’s donuts banquet this week. I enjoy my coworkers and they are so respectful. I’m going to miss Terry because he’s leaving the mail center. We learned about when there is a shootout we have to run, hide or fight. This weekend I am going to Women’s and Men’s Day at church. I’m going to go see my grandma in Savannah GA. I’m going to go shopping with some friends this weekend. I got to meet with my Just Us Teen club at skating and bowling. –Maurice

I clean the equipment and check the studios and clean the bikes in the studio. I do the laundry and fold some towels. At home I watch T.V. and play video games and watch YouTube. -Johnny

This week was a busy week. This week I was making smoothies, coffees, and juices. This weekend I will go home, relax, and go out to other events not sure what yet. -Khalial

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have did a blog. During these two weeks was great. I am really enjoying my job at the mail room. Things are going just as I wanted. During these weeks I was checking to see if there’s any mails and see if there’s any paper inside the printer’s in each mail center on each floors on both sections like I usually do. During this week I did something new at the mail room with my manager Desmond. We both were checking the Lexmark boxes, which are right next to the copier machines and I also got to scan some boxes. Ok that is all for today. If you like this blog please leave a comment down below and drop that like and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next blog. –Enoes

Have a fantastic weekend!

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