Vocational Rehabilitation

Yesterday we took a trip to the Vocational Rehabilitation office to do intake meetings. The interns did a great job, and more information is coming soon. After the meetings, we spent the rest of the afternoon at L.I.F.E. @ GSU. Johnny got to take us to one of his favorite lunch spots, and then we enjoyed a tour of the College of Ed.

Here is our weekly recap!

This week, I learned some job rules and job skills that I can improve on. Yesterday we went to VR for an interview. We talked about the services we can get and then we went to GSU to get some food. I went to Inman Park last night. This weekend, I’m going to hang out with my cousin again. –Usuaya

 2018-09-28 10.42.40

Hey guys I am here to talk about another blog of my week. This week was great like usually. For this week I did something new during my job. I got to put some boxes inside the X-ray machine. During my job I was just picking up some mail on both sections A and B, from 11th to the 3rd floor. I am hoping to see the Venom movie next week. My manager Desmond brought me a gift before my lunch time. What he brought me is a Marvel Captain America Funko pop figure because I was working very hard and very polite. So anyway thats all I have for today. If you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and please leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog. –Enoes

I cleaned the equipment and I checked the studios and I do the laundry and I fold some towels. At Chip Allen Fitness Center I signed in the gym members on the computer. I learned a new exercise called Tricep Pull Down. I visited at GSU on Thursday and I brought my Cox friends to the cafe at GSU. At home I will watch T.V and play video games and watch YouTube. –Johnny

This week at work was awesome. I have been going to meetings and trainings and conferences. I have been working on updating the names on each floor because some of the last name’s had change. This week I worked with Denita. I had to do a training for Courtney. I had to show her all my floors and introduce her to my EA’s on the floors. I went to Vocational Rehabilitation agency. I had to do an intake with people that work with the Vocational Rehabilitation agency this week. My life teachers are the best. They are like family to me. This weekend I have a funeral for my cousin but we always call him our other brother because he was always there if I needed anything. I have a church meeting this weekend. I am going skating and bowling. I am going to go see a few of my friends. –Maurice

 2018-09-28 11.03.14

On the weekend I will stay home watch the football games and I might go see the new movie Night School on Sunday Night. I will definitely take a nap get some rest before Monday. –Kedar

 2018-09-25 10.22.58

Today my store started to change. They took the refrigerator with food and drink to another area. On Thursday I went to a funeral for my great grandfather who past away two weeks ago. This weekend I’m going back to work at Six Flags and it’s Fright Fest going on at Six Flags. -Khalial

2018-09-28 11.10.55

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