It’s been a while!

We’ve had a busy few weeks and haven’t had a chance to update the blog recently. Usuaya started a different job rotation in the kitchen, and he is loving that he also gets to work in food service! All of the interns have been doing a great job commuting to work on MARTA. I love that we can teach public transportation as well as vocational skills! The interns were excited to reflect on the past few weeks, so I hope you enjoy what they have to say!

“Alright so for past 3 weeks I’ve been working hard at Cox and my other job at Six Flags. In the Company Store I have been doing a lot of smoothies, going to the kitchen and getting milks for our store, and I try to make more coffee like cappuccino, mocha, and latte. At Six Flags, I did try to stay overtime for Fright Fest and it was very scary at night time. Fright Fest is supposed to start around at 6-12. There’s a lot of people dressing up as monsters, coming around on you and scaring you. Last week on Friday I went to a open house for Kennesaw State University. It’s a really good school for me to learn more about the programs they have. I met two students at the open house name Jordan and Kaelan. They showed me around the campus. We went to the cafeteria, the gym, and the apartment. And that’s all I did for the past 3 weeks.”-Khalial

 2018-10-16 10.37.37

“During the past three weeks, I haven’t made a blog since I was at the Georgia State University with my classmates if I’m right. But now I’m back and I’m going to try to remember every thing that I did during the past three weeks. So lets get started. During these three weeks I have been very busy. I have been checking to see if there’s any mails and that the printers have paper. Sometimes I have been doing other stuff like scanning boxes, passing boxes to the co-workers, and maybe doing a little bit of mail delivery. On floor P1 I have been delivering boxes to someone named Tomega and her office is right next to the mail room. Thats where she is but if you dont know who she is you can just ask Maurice. He knows who she is. So yeah, anyway I also deliver some boxes to the dining room and the facility room. Also during these weeks I was restocking the supplies on the A section. I only restock some of the supplies because most of them were still pretty full on most of the floors. So anyway guys thats all I can remember but if you like this blog please leave a comment down below and drop that like and subscribe and I will see you in the next blog.” –Enoes 

“I have been working hard in the fitness center. I’m do the laundry and I check the locker room. I put more shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower. I clean the equipment and I check the studios. I make sure there are enough clean towels for the gym members. My coworker Ryan got a new job. His last day is next Friday. I will miss him because he help me a lot. Ryan showed me how to do a squat this week. It was Zombie Week in the gym.” –Johnny

“This month I started my new job doing prep work and working in the grill station. I make guacamole, and I make the fruit cups, I make the parfait, and I do the hard boiled eggs. I do the breakfast cart. I do the bacon and the biscuits. I take orders from the Cox employees that come to the grill station. I also do the side orders like tater tots, onion rings, curly fries, regular fries, broccoli, chicken tenders, and the fried veggies. We have a lot of people coming in the cafe every day. My coworkers call me boss man.” –Usuaya

“This week at work was awesome. I got invited to Terri’s birthday party. Terri gave me some magnets. Jennifer gave me a new Cox shirt. Denita invited me to the celebration on the 10th floor yesterday. I learned when the scanner system is down I can get a sheet from Denita and write down the tracking numbers. Then they will need to sign their signature. This weekend I am going to pack for my vacation. I am going to go shopping a little bit. I am going to a meet and greet with my family. My sister is coming this weekend from New York to Atlanta to visit me and my mother and grandparents.” -Maurice

Have a fantastic weekend!

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