Intern Spotlight on: Kedar

We have only three weeks left in the semester, and we have three interns left to spotlight! This week, we will be featuring Kedar. Kedar works in the C-Tech cafeteria, where he has many responsibilities. He works in the dining room and in the kitchen.

Kedar’s supervisor, Trumaine, had some great things to say about him!

“Kedar has bonded with the Sodexo Staff in the C Tech dining center this year. His eagerness to learn and willingness to help has enriched the staff’s morale. He has progressed greatly in taking initiative to clean and set up the Café at our peak hours and preparing breakfast with the Cooks shows that he has a talent for the food service industry.”

2018-12-07 10.46.00

Here is what Kedar had to say about his semester in the C-Tech Dining Center:

What I like about working at Cox is that the employees talk to me about football and basketball. They’re nice over there at CTech Cafeteria. I like working in the kitchen mixing foods in the back of the kitchen. I am proud of myself for doing a great job at work. I have learned how to do set up condiments the right way and prepare the foods the right way too.

Here is what the other interns had to say about Kedar:

Kedar is good at making jokes. I like that he can make me laugh. He is a cool person and I enjoy working with him. –Usuaya

Kedar has been working hard at the Cafeteria on the C Tech and he is really good at it. What I like about Kedar is that he is a good friend and I know he will always be one. I like Kedar because he can be a funny guy. Anyway that’s all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and please leave a comment down below and I will see you in the next blog. –Enoes

Kedar is good at showing respect to me. Kedar is good at his communication skills. Kedar is good at eating healthy foods. Kedar is good at writing. Kedar is my favorite friend. Kedar is always showing support to me. He have a positive attitude. He is very smart, talented, kind, and responsible. He always makes me happy when I look like I’m just sad. Kedar can sing really good. Kedar wears a nice hat to work. –Maurice

Kedar is good at cleaning up the C Tech cafeteria. I like Kedar because he’s nice. Kedar like’s to watch basketball and football. -Johnny

We are so proud of how well Kedar has done in the C-Tech Dining Center, and we can’t wait to see how much he learns in his next job rotation!

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