New Job Rotations

The interns have settled into their new job rotations, and they are excited to share what they’ve been up to recently!

Take a look!

I sort the mail. I sort the packages. I deliver mails and packages with Denita. I scan the packages. I sort the junk mail. I check the out going mail on my floors. I have my own desk in the mail center, and I like my job.


What I like about my job is that I can work on my own and I get break time. I get to deliver packages and I can scan them when they come into the room. What I want to do this year is learn how to check the new printers and deliver on other floors.


During this week I started to work on my new job at the company store and it was great that I finally got to make some smoothies. During the fitness center it was also great but I started to work on it last week but during the fitness center I was at the Men’s Locker room refilling up the bottles of body wash’s, shampoo’s, and conditioner’s, and a bottle of mouth wash. After the Men’s Locker room I wipe some equipment. During my days at the fitness center I was checking to see if there’s any dirty towels in the Men’s Locker room and every time is see dirty towels that are not being used I would throw them away with the others in a bucket but every time when it’s time to get a towel I would put them in a blue cart and take them to the laundry room and put them in a washing machine and when they get dry I put the wet towels in the dryer machine and when they get dry I put them in a grey cart and take them to my table and fold them with Shanel. So anyway thats all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog.


I want to learn how to bake and use the grill to make foods. What I like about at working at Cox Enterprise is preparing fruits and preparing foods. In the fitness room what I do is fold towels and I get dirty towels and put them in washing machine and start the machine.


I love my job. It is teaching me alot of job skills. I have learned how to organize the jellys and the peanut butter and syrup. I have learn how to wipe down the tables and when somebody moves I have to push the chairs under the table. I learned how to restock the hot sauce and ketchup. I learned how to set up the potato bar. I want to learn how to cook salmon, pizza, and french fries. I want to learn how to make a baked potato.


As you know, Khalial has moved on from L.I.F.E. @ Cox. He is now attended the Fulton County Schools Career Academy, and he will be studying culinary arts. I received a few pictures this week, and it sounds like he is doing great!


One thought on “New Job Rotations

  1. We loved reading your blog and seeing how well you are doing!!
    We are so very proud of you!!!

    Your friends @Tri-Cities HS- Steve, Carlton, and Ms. Mack!!

    PS Can’t wait to see you again when we work at Cox together!!!

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