Emergency vs. Non-Emergency

This week, we discussed emergencies and non-emergencies and how to determine the difference. We talked about what to do in different scenarios. We also did some role playing and the guys really enjoyed acting out different roles to show positive and negative work behaviors.

We had a great week at work. I am constantly receiving compliments about their hard work, and we are so proud of them! Here is what they had to say about their week:

“At the Main Cafeteria I did the same thing I normally do. I was stacking up five bacon trays, two pans of thirty pork patties, and twenty – five turkey sausage trays. I also did the chicken sausages and Biscuits. I put them inside the breakfast cart. On Thursday I ate ravioli with Alfredo Sauce and vegetables. After lunch was over I went to the fitness room. I did something new. I cleaned up the locker room and rolled the clean towels and checked in the bins for dirty towels. I took them with me to the washing machine and put them inside the washing machine. I wiped down the equipment and went back to washing machine to check to see if it was done. I took out the towels and put them inside the dryer machine after I cleaned out the lint in it. In speech we practiced how to introduce myself for interviews. I have to have proper manners. On the weekend I’m going to see Tyler Perry’s movie. I will go to a nice restaurant and go to barbershop. I will write a movie script at home on the laptop. I will also practice playing my guitar and look up History on the laptop. I will practice my handwriting and cursive and practice math to solve and check my work on the calculator to see if I got it right or not. Also on the weekend I will go to the fitness room to get some good exercise.” –Kedar

2019-03-08 12.05.50

“I delivered the mail and packages, I scanned the packages, and I took the outgoing mails from my floors. I learned how to stamp the large envelopes. I sort the mail and throw the junk mail in the recycle.” –Johnny

“This week has been great. I have been wiping down the counters. I have been restocking the carry out plates and lids and cups. I learned how to organize the chips. I met a new co-worker. My new co-worker’s name is Amber. I sweep the cafe. I help my coworker that works in the dish washer room in the back of the cafe. This weekend I am going to go get a haircut. I am going shopping. I’m going to my sister’s house. Me and My mommy are going to go put flowers on my uncle’s grave.” -Maurice

What I’m doing this weekend is spending family time with my mom and dad. I am going to the movies and having fun with my mom. I am so glad I get to see my mom back and I missed her very much. I can’t wait to see here tonight. I’m going to be happy.” –Usuaya

2019-03-08 11.11.30

“This week was great. My job at the Fitness center was great and I really enjoy working there. Working in the men’s locker room is really easy. All I have to do is to refill up bottles of lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, and a bottle of Q tips. I also check to see if there’s any dirty towels in the towel bins outside of the men’s and women’s locker rooms. I wash the dirty towels, dry the towels, and fold the towels. At the company store it was very busy but I was working very hard with the smoothies, checking if there’s still enough coffee, and washing the blenders. On Thursday my IEP meeting was great and I sure did a really great job at translating what Traci and Alisha were saying to my mom but although there was another person who could speak Spanish like me and he was also helpful. So anyway that’s all I have for today. If you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog.” -Enoes

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