A Short Week

The interns had Monday and Tuesday off for teacher workdays this week, so they were happy to have a short week of work. This school year has been flying by – it is crazy to think that we only have two weeks until Spring Break!

I asked the interns to write about what they did over the long weekend and about how their short week of work went. Enjoy!

“On the work break I helped my mom with the daycare. I was teaching the new kids on flashcards on Monday. I was serving food for the kids at lunch and taking out the mats and putting them down on the floor. I was wiping down the tables and highchairs and I did the dishes too. On my day off from work I started practicing my cursive and writing my name in cursive. I was learning about black history and writing down the facts in my notebook. I didn’t go to the gym but I exercised at home. I also practiced math skills and watched some good lifetime movies on the website that you can watch it for free on the Google Chrome. In the Fitness Room on Wednesday I did something new with the sanitizer bucket. I rolled towels and checked the bin for dirty towel. I took them with me to the washing machine room and put them inside the washing machine. I started the machine and came out of the washing machine room and starting wiping down the machine equipment. I came back in the washing machine room and took the towels out of the washing machine and put them inside the dryer machine. In the main cafeteria I stacked up five trays of bacon and two pans of thirty biscuits on trays and one tray of twenty five turkey sausage. I also did a full pan of biscuits and four pans of turkey bacon on the trays.” –Kedar

“During my long weekend I didn’t do a lot but on Saturday one of my older cousins, older brother, and I were about to go to the AMC theater to watch the Captain Marvel movie. Once when we got to the theater, there were a lot of cars outside and there were not enough seats and tickets were sold out. We had to wait until next saturday for AMC theater to get more tickets to Captain Marvel. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I didn’t do anything. My work days were great at the fitness center and the company store. What I did at the fitness center is that I worked hard at the men’s locker room and cleaning the equipment. During the company store I was making smoothies, washing the blenders, and I even learned how to make my own hot chocolate on the coffee machine. So anyway thats all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog.” –Enoes

“I hung out with my friends over the weekend. We went to the Atlanta Fair. I went to Tri Cities state championship game in Macon GA. They won! I did some shopping. I went to a party and everyone wore all white. I went to hang out with my grandma over at her house. In the dining center I have been restocking the chips. I went to work in dish room in back of the cafe.” –Maurice

“For the two weekdays off I watched YouTube and I played video games. In this workday I delivered the mails and packages, I scan the package, and I took the outgoing mails to the mailroom to sort and put in the mail.” –Johnny

“On Friday I went to see my friends at Little Five Points. I had to ride Marta. On Saturday I stayed at my friend’s house until 7:00. On Sunday I went to the High Museum of Arts with my brothers. We went to Piedmont Park and we saw a friend of ours and then we left to go home. On Monday I went to see my sister and brother at their apartment. We chilled and watched Netflix and then my sister had an appointment to get her nails done. Then we ate lasagna and then I went home.  On Tuesday I just stayed at my house and watched Netflix. On Wednesday I had to go to work and I checked both the A tower and B tower for mail and made sure the printers had paper. Thursday I went to Warm Springs for a tour of the school. They have a lot of tech and outdoor stuff you can sign up for.  They have a pool and a bowling alley and a game room. I like it so far and I hope I can go there.” -Usuaya

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