Spring Break Plans

The warmer weather has finally arrived just in time for Spring Break! We will return to work on April 8th to make our big push to the end of the school year.

I asked the interns to write about their Spring Break plans, and it sounds like everyone is taking advantage of some time to relax!

“I checked the outgoing mails, I delivered mails and packages, I scan the packages, I sort the mails, and I signed for the packages by myself. For spring break I want to play video games. I am going to get some more sleep. I am going to buy a charger for my phone at Wal-Mart and I am going to hang out with my family.” -Johnny

“What I want to do for Spring Break is go out there to San Francisco, California and Baltimore to visit my family. I could see my Nieces and my Dad, my Little Stepsister and my Grandmothers who live in Baltimore. I want to go to Six Flags, and I want to go fishing. I want to go to the Batting Cages again and hit some baseballs and make a couple of basketball shots out there in San Francisco, California and go to the Water Park. I would like to learn how to drive a car and motorcycle from my Dad. I want to learn the techniques to shoot a Bow and Arrow and use a paintball gun to enter a competition for people who are playing paintball for fun. In Baltimore I like to see the new areas and explore the news sights in the city of Baltimore. I can see my cousin and family and learn how to cook from my Grandmothers. I could go to the Golf Course and play tennis too. I want to see the Shazam Movie and the Curse of La LLORONA Movie in April at the Movie Theater. I have been working at the Main Cafeteria in the kitchen cleaning the tables and wiping down the messes on the counters before getting my supplies in order. I did the usual things at work in the kitchen: stacking up 5 pans of bacon, stacking up 4 pans of turkey bacon, 2 pans of whole biscuits, and 2 pans of 30 pork patties. Also I started working on stacking up 1 pan of 25 and one pan of 50 Chicken Sausages. After my alarm rings, I went to lunch and got myself a taco with rice and beans and a strawberry lemonade to drink. After lunch is over I go to the fitness room and get the towels out of the back and start rolling the towels. I grab the dirty towels and put them inside the washing machine. I wipe down the equipment machines and clean out the lint from the dryer. Also I took out the wet towels and put them inside the dryer. Then I start working on resetting the gym. I carry the weights and put them where they belong in the fitness room. Also Brandon had me exercise in the fitness room to see how many weights I could lift doing curls with both my hands before heading back to the classroom to the do my blog with my classmates in the room.” –Kedar

2019-03-28 10.07.28

“This week at work I delivered mail, checked for outgoing mail and checked to make sure the printers had paper, and today I got to deliver a package to the fitness center where Enoes works. I had a day off because I had my vocational rehabilitation appointment on Tuesday. I had a really good week and I am so happy for my Spring break. I am going to see my friends and family on spring break. I am going to see the movies with my friends and enjoy the weather.” –Usuaya

2019-03-27 10.39.42

“This week was great. I have been working on breaking down the breakfast bar. I have been working on restocking the carry out materials. I have been helping Aster with materials for breakfast in the morning. I have been putting milk and butter and cream cheese and blue cheese and yogurt in the cooler. Over spring break I am going to New Orleans and Texas. I am going to go visit some family and old friends. I am going to go shopping and skating and bowling. I am going to a family banquet.” –Maurice

“This week was great and I had some really good times at my two jobs. During my job at the Fitness Center, I was refilling up the body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other items at the Men’s Locker Room like always and it was fun. After working at the Men’s Locker Room sometimes I help Shanel by folding the towels but on Wednesday instead of helping Shanel I was helping Annie because she told me that she felt alone and so did I. What I usually do after the Men’s Locker Room is that I always clean the equipment. During my job at the Company Store, The Co-Workers and I were very busy making Smoothies, Coffee, and Juice’s. What I usually do at the Company Store is that I always make Smoothies, wash some Blenders, clean the Blending Machines, and check to see if there’s any Coffee let. I do enjoy doing those things. I don’t know what to do for my Spring Break but maybe I will tell you what I want to do. What I want to do over the Spring Break is that I would like to go to the Great Chow Restaurant on Monday, South Lake Mall on Tuesday, Lenox Mall on Wednesday, Arber Place Mall on Thursday, Cumberland Mall on Friday, the Comic Store with my Older Brother on Saturday, and the Flea Market on Sunday with my family. So anyway that’s all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog.” -Enoes

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