Spring Break Recap

We’re back from Spring Break and on the home stretch to Summer! I always enjoy seeing the interns to jump right back into their routines as if there was no break at all, and the guys certainly rose to the challenge this week. We also got to spend some time with Michelle, our speech therapist, and the interns practiced asking questions with their peers through a game of Spring Break BINGO.

Take a look at what the interns had to say about Spring Break, and see what they have been up to at work this week:

“During my spring break I went to my friend’s house and chilled out. We made a song together and then we ate some food. I went home on Tuesday and then my brother and I chilled at the house. I had to walk with my brother to go to the Veladrome and we just chilled there for a few hours and then we went back home. On Sunday I went shopping with my dad and my brother. We ate some Mexican food and it was good.” –Usuaya

2019-04-11 10.25.01

“This spring break I watched Mixels on YouTube and played video games. I went to the Wal-Mart with my dad and bought a new game called Star Fox 64 3D for my Nintendo 2DS XL. I hung out and relaxed with my family and my dad was working. I got to sleep in. My mom made me some meat and rice for dinner. I ate some vanilla ice cream with Kit Kats on top. I shared my phone with my brothers and sister. They like to watch YouTube on my phone.” –Johnny

“On Spring Break me and my mom went to Home Depot to get yard supplies. We did this landscaping in the backyard to make a memorial for my Grandmother because my Grandmother passed away on April 6, 2006. We did more landscaping work in the backyard. We dumped out the mulch and used the rake to make it look nice and neat and straight and forward. We used the Cinder Blocks to hold a board up to make a bench for the kids to sit down and eat snack outside in backyard. We also painted the Cinder Blocks a green color and set up the table, chairs, and umbrella. We set up a light on the ground by the water pond in the backyard. After that was done it was getting late so we went inside the house and ate burgers and brownies and ice cream. I watched an Anime Tv Show using the PlayStation for the internet to watch the tv show on the website.” –Kedar

“During my Spring Break I didn’t do anything except at the end of the week. During the end of the week I went to get a haircut at a Mexican Market in the Barber Shop Section. After getting my haircut I watched two movies. I watched Fast and the Furious 6 and Fast and the Furious 7 at my house. During the beginning of my break my younger Sister made some Oreo Smoothies and they were so good and it looks good (see photo below)… So that’s all I did for the whole week. During this week at work it was great. I got to clean the Bike Machines in the Fitness Center and I also got to clean some Treadmill Machines. In the afternoon, while I was working at the Company Store Lilly and I had to refill the big grey container with ice and I even refilled it up myself without Lilly on Thursday. So anyway that’s all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog so thanks for reading this blog and have a nice weekend.” –Enoes

“My spring break was great. I went to New Orleans, Louisiana and Austin, Texas. I went to Cracker Barrel. I hung out with my family and old friends. I went shopping. I went to a church anniversary. I went to my great grandmother’s birthday party. I went to a family reunion banquet. I went to my sister’s wedding. This weekend I am going shopping and I am going to hang with some friends. You have a bless day.” –Maurice

2019-04-11 11.00.17

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