MARTA Mobility Trip

We’ve been busy the past two weeks! Last week, we spent the morning at the MARTA Mobility office so the interns could take the test for a MARTA Para Transit card. The MARTA police officer working that day was so impressed by how patient and polite our group was that she gave them each a MARTA tote bag filled with goodies. She also insisted on a group picture. I was so proud of the interns! By the time we finished at MARTA Mobility, it was time for lunch. I gave them the option of going back to Cox for lunch or eating lunch in the food court at Perimeter Mall (they had been so well-behaved that I HAD to reward them!). Of course, we ended up at the mall, and we had a little time to look around before the interns had to go home.

Here is what the interns had to say about the past two weeks – enjoy!

“Last week I went to the doctor for a checkup and I had to get shots. Then my mom took me to Marta Headquarters for my Marta mobility test. At work I checked the mail in both buildings & I checked the printers. I delivered mail to Sodexo and the customer service room. On the weekend I learned how to play Dungeon and Dragon at one of our friends house. It was fun to learn all the people you can choose from. This weekend I’m going to my friends house to help them with a project they’re doing.” –Usuaya

2019-04-15 09.50.11

“This week was great. Last week was good. I went to Marta Mobility to do a test for a breeze card. Marta Mobility gave me a bag with a book that talks about Marta.  I went to Chick-fil-A. I have been working on organizing the chips. I have been working on the condiments. I have been working on the cooler doing inventory. This weekend I am going to the skating rink. I am going to my uncle’s house. I am going to church on Sunday. Then I am going to a restaurant.” –Maurice

“Last week was great. My job at the Fitness Center was great. I have been working so hard and so fast because I learned what efficiency means. Last week at the Company Store was also great. I also have been working so hard and so fast to get my work done and I did. Last Thursday was great, my classmates and I went out to go to the Chick-fil-a in the morning for breakfast when we got off from the Marta Train at Lindbergh Center. Then we went to go to the Marta Mobility office. It took a long time but it was amazing. After we left the Marta Mobility office, we went back to the Train Station at Lindbergh and Traci had gave my friends and I a decision. She asked if we wanted to go back to the Cox building or stop by Dunwoody to go to the Perimeter Mall for lunch and we decided to go to the Perimeter Mall for lunch. During this week my job at the Fitness Center was great and I kinda did something new on Wednesday, but what I did involves the equipment that I usually clean. What I did is that I cleaned the equipment by undusting them by using the undusting stick instead of using the rag but I did still get to use the spray bottle. After the Fitness Center, while I was working at the Company Store everything was great but very busy like always. I have been very busy by making smoothies, washing the blenders, making sure there’s more coffee, making sure there’s more ice in the gray container, and others. So anyway that’s all I have for today if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next blog.” –Enoes

“April 18, 2019: We went to the Marta Mobility office. We did our test and we got a new breeze card. After we did our test we went to the mall to get something to eat. I ate dumplings and sushi spicy tuna roll. And we look around to check something that’s nice. We went to the GameStop. And I played the Playstation 4 V.R. games.

Work days: I restocked the copy papers on the 3rd Floor, I delivered packages and the mail. I checked the floors if they have outgoing mails and packages. At the mail center I helped them scan the packages and I sort the packages.” -Johnny

2019-04-26 10.48.22

“At the Main Cafeteria I went inside the kitchen.  I asked Yeshika if she had anything for me to do this morning. Yeshika told me not today, so I went to help Jessie. I started wiping down the mess on the counter before I started stacking up five pan of Bacons Trays and stack up two pan of thirty Pork Patties Trays and stack up four pan of Turkey Bacon and stack up one pan of Turkey Patties Trays and stack up one pan of Chicken Sausages Trays and stack up two pan of Biscuits Trays. I went to lunch and had a pizza and salad and Orange Lemonade Drink. Sometimes I used my device when someone was speaking to me while I was eating outside for lunch. After that I went to the fitness room to work. I was rolling up towels. I put six towels on the shelf and checked inside the dirty bins for towels. I took them with me to the laundry room and put them inside the washing machine. Also I used my device when I was talking to Brandon, Brittany, and Suzanne when they don’t understand what I am saying. Yesterday Suzanne made fortune wheels. Me and Brandon spun the fortune wheel. I won the game with the highest number by spinning the wheel of fortune. I got to choose one candy. I chose Milky Way. I ate the Milky Way and I went back to work. I wiped down the equipment machines and checked inside the laundry room to see if the towels were done getting clean. I took the towels out of the washing machine and put them inside the dryer machine. On Sunday for Easter my mom cooked dinner. One person came over to eat dinner with us. I watched a TV Show called Young Sheldon and a Movie on the IPAD.  I played my Video Game on the PlayStation too.” –Kedar

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