Planning for the Future

This week, we hosted our 2019-2020 interns at the L.I.F.E. @ Cox orientation. Maurice and Enoes helped with the presentation and did an excellent job explaining the job training that we do at Cox. We will be doing a blog post next week about where the interns are heading next year! Stay tuned!


“This week at work I checked both towers for the mail. On Thursday I went to orientation at L.I.F.E. at Georgia State University. We went to the Mail room, the Library, the Food court, and we had got a lot of historical facts about GSU and I got to see some friends from Banneker High school. We had so much fun. I can’t wait to go there next year.” – Usuaya

“On Sunday I went to the Movie Theater with my mom. We saw Us and the Avengers End Game. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant first. On Saturday I rode my skateboard down the hill and practiced tricks. In the morning I went back inside the house and played my video game and watched movies on my IPad. Later me and my mom did more yard work in front of the house. Today in the Main Cafeteria I did 5 pans of bacon and 30 pans of pork patties and also turkey bacon. I used a knife to cut around the plastic to open the turkey Bacon and Chicken Sausages and put them inside the cart. I went to lunch and got Lemon Pepper Wings and Chocolate Vanilla Cake. In the Fitness Room last Friday I found two Easter Eggs inside the bike room after I finished my work.” – Kedar

“This week has been great. I have been working on restocking the cups. I have been working on the cookies and putting the labels on the cookies. I have been working on the cooler. I helped with orientation this week for the new interns for the next school year. I helped with talking about the different jobs at Cox Enterprises. I have been adding more silverwares and putting them in the right order. My plan for this weekend is to go out of town to see my granny and grandpa. I am going to the barbershop. I am going shopping.” – Maurice

“I delivered the mail and packages, I scanned the packages, I checked the floors if they have outgoing mail and packages, and I helped my coworkers scan the packages and sort the packages. This weekend I will watch my 2 brothers and 1 sister, and I will watch on YouTube and play video games.” – Johnny

“During my week was great. Maurice and I did an Orientation on Thursday for the new Cox interns. Maurice and I got to see an old friend of ours. We got to see Carlton at the Orientation. The Orientation was great. We presented to our guests by telling them what we do at Cox Enterprises. During my job at the Fitness Center was great and I love working with Annie and Shanell. I really enjoyed working at the Men’s Locker Room because my favorite part of working at the Men’s Locker Room is refilling up the Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner. After working at the Fitness Center, my job at the Company Store is great and I have a new Co-worker.” – Enoes

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