Reflecting on the 2018-2019 Year

It’s hard to believe that we are almost done with the 2018-2019 school year! Our last day is May 23rd, and we have half days during the last week. We started off the week volunteering at the Fulton County Schools Special Olympics Track & Field at Langston Hughes High School. The interns walked around the stands and put temporary tattoos on the athletes, and they were able to cheer on old friends during their races. We had a pizza party and got to spend the rest of the day with our friends from L.I.F.E. @ GSU and Project Search @ Emory.

2019-05-06 10.10.46

I asked the interns to reflect on their time at Cox this year. I asked them to think about how they felt at the beginning of the year vs. how they feel now, what they have learned, their favorite job rotation (this was a tough one!!), and what skills they want to learn or continue to work on in the future. I loved reading these!

“At the beginning at Cox Enterprise I felt nervous and uncomfortable meeting my coworkers. Now I feel most comfortable with my jobs. I got to know who my coworkers are by talking to them at work. I thought my jobs were going to be difficult challenges. What I learned in the Fitness Room is that I need to interact with people when they come in the Fitness Room and leave the Fitness Room. I can make conversation with people when they walk in the Fitness Room and walk out of the Fitness Room. I like working in the Fitness Room. I get to relax and tell my co workers what movies I saw on the weekends. I get to laugh with them by making my coworkers laugh. Don’t get me wrong I like working in the kitchen too. I did more with Mike in the kitchen and Karen at the CT Cafeteria. The skills I need to work on are communicating with people at home and work. I want to learn how to cook foods with the ingredients and ride the Marta Train by myself.” – Kedar

“This year I was a little bit nervous at the beginning. Now I feel good at Cox. I learned about laundry, delivered mails and packages, and I ride Marta by myself. I like the fitness centers and the mail center but one thing I like the most is the mail center. I sure be nice to people even when I don’t want to talk about anything. I like the friends I have even though I like to be alone.” – Johnny

“This year I was excited to learn new things. I also learned how to scan the boxes that came in. I did learn a lot about what I need to work on. I also learned how to do my own IEP. This year I learned how to work in the mail room. I checked the printers on both a and b side and the mail on a and b side. I had fun with my coworkers. They helped me learn how to put the boxes in the right place.  My favorite job was the kitchen at the main cafeteria in the main building. I also have learned how to stay focused on my job. I will miss my job and my friends from Cox.“ – Usuaya

“During my year at Cox I felt excited when I first came into the life program and now I feel like I’ve learned a lot. What I have learned over the year is that I learned to deliver, sort, scan, sync to identify who and where the boxes belong. I used the X-ray machine to see what is inside the boxes, and ask people to sign their names on a device. I also learned to sort and deliver mails, check and refill up the printers and restock some supplies on both tower’s A and B but this was during the first semester. What I learned on the second semester is I got to refill up the bottle of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, Q-tips, and body lotion in the Men’s Locker Room at the Barbara Cox Fitness Center. After working at the Men’s Locker Room I usually clean the equipments but sometimes I check to see if there’s any dirty towels where the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are in the dirty bin and every time there is, I always use a blue kart and take them to the in the washing machine before I go clean the equipments and sometimes I put wet clean towels in the dryer and sometimes I fold some clean dried towels with one the Co-workers that I usually work with and her name is Shanell. Sometimes I work with another Co-worker and her name is Annie and sometimes the three of us fold some clean dried towels together. After working at the Fitness Center in the morning I work at the Company Store in the afternoon. What I do at the Company Store is that I always make Smoothies but I also wash blenders, refill up some fruits, check to see if there’s any more coffee, and sometimes I refill up the grey container with ice. My favorite job rotation that I like is working at the Fitness Center. The skills that I want to work on is to work more quicker. I learned how to eat healthy and learned which food is healthy and which food is not healthy and make good choices.” – Enoes

“This year at Cox Enterprises was wonderful. I felt excited, happy, and supported. I felt proud of myself to have different opportunities to do at Cox Enterprises. I learned how to do my own I.E.P. meeting. I learned how to do inventory. I learned that appearance is everything. I learned how to ride Marta. I like the Mail center. I need to work on admitting mistakes when I’m doing something wrong. My time at Cox Enterprises was a lot of working experience. My time at Cox Enterprises was excellent.” – Maurice

Have a great weekend – Happy Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Reflecting on the 2018-2019 Year

  1. what a great year for these young people and the L.I.F.E. program. I hope all will enjoy a fun & productive summer break!

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