What’s does the future hold for the 2018-2019 interns?

We are so excited to complete another great semester at L.I.F.E. @ Cox! Time flew by, and our interns learned so much. I am excited for you all to read about their plans for the future. I asked the interns to write about their plans for next year, their long-term goals, and their plans for the summer. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our program – we couldn’t do it without you!


“For the next school year is that I would like to work at the  C Tech Cafeteria. What I’m hoping to do is that I would like to clean tables and other things that Maurice has done. For my long term goals is to learn about cooking. My dream job is to work at the Fitness Center. During my summer, I am going to Savannah to visit my Uncle, Aunt, and my cousins to celebrate the fourth of July and maybe go to the Movies to watch Spider-Man Far From Home. Yep That’s Spidey alright. So anyway thats all I have for today if you like this blog or should I say Spidey blog please leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment down below and I’ll see you see you in the next blog next year.” – Enoes

“Next school year – I’m going to be in project search at Emory university hospital. I never been to project search but I hope can do something like cooking. Long-Term Goals – My dream job is working at the seafood market because I want to cook, clean or cash register. I want to live with my family. Summer Plans – This summer I watch on YouTube, I play video games, I watch my two brothers and one sister and I going to the Wal-Mart with my dad because I am going buy headphones.” –Johnny

“Next school year I will be at Georgia state university in the life program.  I hope to be working in the library, the mail room, and the dining hall. My dream job is to be a marine biologist. I want to live in Hawaii with my family because it is beautiful and has great food. My summer plans are to hangout with my friends and family and go to camp and to travel.” – Usuaya

“This school year was great. I am so excited for next year. I will be back at Cox Enterprises. I will hope to be working at the fitness center next year or the company store. I want to be a pastor and a teacher. My plan is to have my own church.  I want to live in Macon ,GA with most of my family and friends. My plan for the summer is to go on a vacation. I am going to New Orleans, Louisiana. I am going to Miami, Florida to see my auntie get married in June.” – Maurice

“I am go to miss everybody at Cox Enterprise. I had a great time here at Cox Enterprise. The food was great. I am leaving Cox Enterprise because I am aging out. I am interested in learning more things and meeting people I could be pals. I would like to work for part time at Target and the Airport and Six Flags. My Goal is to become a Film Writer and Director or Teacher. I am interested in working with animals too. I would love to work with horses and dogs too. I want to fly out there to my hometown in California to see my two nieces and Dad including my little sister too.  I want to have fun out there in California and go to the Water Park. One Day My Dad could take me to Baltimore to see my Grandmothers and Family that I didn’t see for a long time and see a tour around Baltimore.” – Kedar

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer – we’ll be back in August!


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