First week of work

We are officially finished with the first week of work! The interns each started their Fall job rotations this week, and they all jumped right in without hesitation. I could talk all day about what they have been doing, but I’ll leave that to the interns!

2019-08-21 14.30.49

“My first two days at work have been the most wonderful and greatest days of my life and I can’t wait to get back on Monday to continue them.” – Briana

“I am working at the mail room. I check each floor for mail and packages that are outgoing mail. My boss is Desmond Wynter. My co workers are Terry, Orlando, and Justin. Desmond taught me how to check the copy machines. I deliver packages to the floors. I really like my job. Also my sister graduated from grad school yesterday. I am going to Destin, Florida for Labor Day. I go to lunch at 12:00 to 12:55 pm. I get off work at 1:55 and I get on the shuttle to get to the train at 2:30.” – Tommy

“I am working at Central park mail room. What I do in the mail room is sort out the mail, delivering packages, scan boxes and I have my own desk. My co-workers are Denita, Bradford, Anita and Kareem. One more thing is that my floors that I go to are 5, 4, 3, and 2M and then back to B2 to get to the mail room. That’s all I had for my blog today.” – Carlton

“I am working at Barbara Cox Fitness Center and The Company Store. This week has been great at work. I have been cleaning the equipment in the fitness center. I have been washing towels. I have been learning how to exercise in the fitness center. I have been making smoothies by myself. I have been learning where to find the fruit and vegetables. I have been learning how to make 2 smoothies at the same time. One smoothie is called the Hulk. Suzanne gave me a donut for doing a good job in the fitness center.” – Maurice

My first week of my new jobs was great. My job at the Main Cafeteria was great and very busy every morning. I have been working on the breakfast cart. I have been making thirty trays of bacon, two trays of turkey bacon, two trays of biscuits, and two trays of sausage patties. After the Main Cafeteria, in the afternoon at the Chip Allen Fitness Center, I got to clean the equipment, check people’s names when they come to the fitness center, and mostly doing laundry for the towels, and having some fun exercising.” – Enoes

Have a great weekend!

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