Another Great Week of Work

“My week was great. I learned how to deliver mail and scan packages all by myself. All this week it was a great week for me and I learned a lot about my job this week. On Monday, I delivered 21 packages! What are my plans for this long weekend for me is just spending time with my family for the whole weekend or watching tv.” -Carlton

“This week at work I learned how to put paper in the copier. I made some deliveries and I used a iPad to manage my schedule. It was a short work week for me because I am going to Destin Florida for Labor Day with my mom and my sister. It is going to rain but it’s going to be fun.” -Tommy

“This week was great. I have been working on folding towels. I learned how to mop sweat off the floor.  I learned how to sweep the dust off the floor. I learned how to greet people when they come in the Barbara Cox Fitness Center. I am starting to learn how to sign the person in when they come in the fitness center on the computer. My plans for the weekend is my mom’s birthday. I am going out with some friends. I’m going to my aunt’s house for a cookout on Labor Day.” – Maurice

“My second week at my job was amazing because I got to work on pizzas, set up the salad bar, and even learned how to toss chicken wings in sauce as well. So I am so happy to be in my new work spot with lots of amazing people to work with every day. That is why I love to be at work. Also what I am going to do this weekend is go out with family members and just have a wonderful day for sure. I am so very inspired by how much I am learning at work!” -Briana

“My week at my two jobs was great. There was a special event at Cox on Thursday called International Day. I went with my coworker Brandon. I learned a little bit of Mexican bingo. Instead of finishing the game by placing bingo checks in a line on a card board I had to fill the whole thing up. Brandon won the bingo game. At the Haiti table, I learned how to speak Creole but I only learned three words during International day with Brandon. I am going to try to get a hair cut this weekend but only if my mom has time because she has been pretty busy. So anyway thats all I have for today so if you like this blog please leave a like and subscribe and I will see you in the next blog.” – Enoes

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! We’ll be back on Tuesday.

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